Danish trio, Nelson Can, deliver a truly unique blend of brilliantly modest, yet powerful, indie-rock. The whole EP showcases a dynamic sound that links each track with its emotional undertones.

“Break Down Your Walls” starts off this EP with a haunting baseline and the hushed vocals (which resemble artists like Florence and The Machine) are beautifully edged with an ominous tone- matching with the lyrics “let all your feelings flow freely but don’t get emotional.” Beautifully menacing, the lyrics in this track instantly resonate that soft urgency, reinforced by that probing beat. Truly understated but powerful and probably my favourite track from the EP.

Stripped back “Downtown” enchants you in with its baseline and whispered verses that contrast with the weighty chorus. It’s built up vocals of whispers, screams and “ah ah ah’s” add to the overall menacing track.

Followed by the equally enchanting “You Are Digging Your Grave” which leans into a darker and more intense track.

“Miracle” begins with a progressive electro beat (the sort you’d expect in a Swedish House Mafia track) before monotone vocals with the repeated lyrics I don’t want you to think I am crazy. It’s that you made me go a little bit insane”, and just when you think this track will continue their eerie sound, it bursts with a dynamic change of vocals and almost instantly you’re reenergised and tapping your foot along to that demanding baseline. Big tune. That full sound has you hooked on their sparkly feel.

“Move Forward” keeps that uplifting sound and Royal Blood energy that resonates in the powerful lyrics “move forward.” As the song peaks, the motivational lyrics sing out “Even if you can’t run, if you can’t walk, if you can’t crawl. Move forward!” not only is this a belter of a record, but I bet it would be insane to hear live!

“Stonewall Frank” is like no other on the EP, with urgent and more rocky vocals whilst still possessing that electronic baseline and elements of those deeper/husky vocals. Boasting high-energy attitude, this track ends the EP in contrast to how it began, a fitting way to showcase all these girls can do.


Nelson Can bring an undeniably fresh approach on the rock genre, fusing pop and electronica to produce a number of enchanting numbers.

EP3 is out now via Alcopop! Records, find it here

These girls are a must see and luckily they’re returning to the UK for a run of shows with JAWS! (See Below:)

Nelson Can UK Dates supporting JAWS :

17 November Sub 89, Reading
18 November Engine Rooms, Southampton
19 November Exeter Phoenix, Exeter
21 November The Globe, Cardiff
22 November The Fleece, Bristol
23 November Waterfront, Norwich



Single Review : Seventeen : Future Kings


September is a fantastic month for new releases and here’s one that certainly doesn’t fall short of the mark – it’s called ‘Seventeen’ and it’s from the newly renovated Future Kings! (Formerly Muchos Tequilas Later, but now with a refreshed name and line up and shiny new tracks.)

‘Seventeen’ starts off by showcasing intricate guitar work that hooks you instantly, before pulling back to allow the vocals to hit through with more impact. The pace in this track varies, like two currents of the ocean meeting – this blend creates a contrast that really works, with the vocals and beat feeling slower and more emotive while the brash guitars burst through to create that contrast. The chorus is powerful and catchy; it’s beautifully layered and carries passion behind it. The energy of the track surges through the chorus, twisting and turning the track around which holds your attention throughout. Lyrically it’s very well written too, which makes for an interesting listen. Building energy through the track, it leaves you on a high and wanting more!

Overall I enjoy this track, both on record and live as it conveys that driving energy at its best. Keep an eye out for these guys on the local scene.



Live Review: Fickle Friends w/ Callum Beattie + Swimming Girls: Thekla, Bristol

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Fickle Friends are a band going from strength to strength right now; with new EP Glue out in the world, they’ve embarked on a headline tour and I managed to catch them in Thekla (a venue on a boat), Bristol.

They had 2 support acts on the night, the first being local Bristolians Swimming Girls. Swimming Girls provided a tight electronic indie performance, with their signature stamp being vocalist Vanessa’s distinct tone. If you didn’t know any better you’d be mistaken for thinking Lorde started a little side-project.

Next up was tour support Callum Beattie. Fickle Friends found him over in Ibiza and asked him on tour, a casual tour booking I guess. Callum came with the full band and provided stella musicianship and songwriting with big choruses and polished vocals. An entertaining act that seemed to tick all the boxes, including a cheeky Scottish on stage demeanour.

Fickle Friends took to the stage and bounced through a set full of indie-pop bangers. Tight and polished, the BIMM graduates looked like they’d been on multiple album tour cycles, it’s easy to forget that they’ve yet to release an album; speaking of which, several new songs were showcased and all fit the Fickle Friends bill just nicely. I suspect this could be the last time the band plays venues of this size, as the academies are surely beckoning – this show was packed to the rafters and sold out way in advance. Penultimate song Swim enacted a visible emotional response from singer Natassja, as crowds sang back in full voice.


Words + Photos : Nick Tucker



Whilst at the Frog fest, we decided to catch up with and interview one of our local favourite bands- All Ears Avow.AEA FROG FEST 15.09.17 006.jpg

With having recently been signed to ‘Imperial Music’ we were dying to know how this came about and what this means for the band:

C: “They approached us, how cool is that!”

S: “Yeah I think they had heard of us for a while”

C: “In means of moving forward it just means bigger and better tours, we’re going to be releasing a few singles before our next EP, working with a good producer so yeah… all you need to know is that we’re writing at the moment!”

So lots of stuff in the pipelines for us to look forward too!

We were also interested to know how their recent run of shows went and which venue was their favourite:

JW: “they were all good, it was a good tour- playing loads of different places, new places”

S: “Some we’ve never played before too, which was cool”

JW: ”All good for different reasons, the Boston venue was pretty cool- plus the venue has been there since forever…

C: “ since the birth of Jesus Christ”

S: “obviously The Vic is basically..”

C: “..our home! We love it”

Having also played Fat Lip this year, how was it?


C: “We played early on in the day but it was amazing and the crowds response was incredible, a great line-up to be a part of!”  

It’s fair to say these guys have had a busy summer and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the year!!

As an addition to our interviews from now on we have a new and exciting game called ‘The two name game’, and basically we ask a question that has two answers and then the person answering it will give two answers (i.e-names of people) without saying which name is answering which part of the question.

For Example:

We asked Jake from AEA who his favourite member and least favourite member of Spilt Milk is- And his answer was “Courtney and Becky.”

(And so it begins our ever-lasting debate of who IS his favourite and least favourite!)

Anyways we got the lovely people in All Ears Avow to give it a go and this is how it went:

Q1: Who is the most and least talented member of the band?


Joe: “Jake and Claire”

Claire: “Well we both know which is which for that one… haha!”

Claire: “Jake and Claire”

Sean: “…yeah, I agree with that statement”

Jake: “ Most talented is probably myself, I don’t care about the rules! I want them to know! …and I hate the other 3 as they’re all average.”

Q2: Who is the most and least hard working?

Jake/Joe: “This is horrible!!”

Claire: “Claire and Joe”

Sean: “Claire and Joe”

Jake: “Oh I agree!”

Joe: “I agree with those names”

 Q3: Who is the most and least stylish?

Jake: “Jake and Joe. Easy”

Claire: “I was going to say Jake and Sean!”


Claire: “Exactly, he’s not actually stylish”

Jake: “that’s fair”

Zoe: “I like what Sean’s wearing!”


Sean: “I’m gunna say Jake and Joe”

Joe: “Me and Jake”

Q4: Your favourite and least favourite emerging band?


Claire: “A Way With Words and Rewire The Time Machine”

Joe: “Rewire the Time Machine and Ten Tombs”

Claire: “HANG ON!”

Sean: “I’m going to agree with Claire”

Jake: “Rewire The Time Machine and A Way With Words”

Sean: “I’m changing my answer to Elessar and Elessar”

Jake: “Yeah they’re a bunch of arseholes too!” *whispers* love you boys really”

Big thanks to All Ears Avow for playing ‘the two name game’ – we just hope we haven’t caused too much damage within the band!

AEA FROG FEST 15.09.17 016.jpg

Live Review : The Sherlocks w/Misfires + Farebrother : SWX Bristol : 20/09/17

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As you should know by now, The Sherlocks have nailed their own brand of indie rock and armed with an arsenal of ready-made anthems, it’s safe to say we were not surprised to see SWX Bristol packed pretty much full. (Even on a school night!)

The crowd, consisting mainly of young teenagers, were already dancing and singing along to popular indie tracks that were being played on the PA and were full of energy, raring to go.

First up was Farebrother, a local band from Bath whose enthusiastic set opened up the show brilliantly. Next on support were our boys in Misfires, who we were naturally excited to see play a venue like this. Although it was a big difference for us to see them on a stage this size, they seemed right at home and kicked off their set with crowd pleasers like ‘22’, ‘Tonight’ and of course ‘Indie Kids’ (they definitely know their audience). With some dedicated fans singing along to every word and the rest of the crowd pulling off brilliant dance moves- these guys did themselves proud.

Both bands were great and had all the fans warmed up whilst waiting for The Sherlocks to step on stage, the atmosphere was insane with a constant buzz of energy filtering around the packed out room.

After what felt like forever to these loyal fans, The Sherlocks took to the stage and instantly kicked it up a notch with ‘Last Night’, hooking the crowd from the go. Tracks like ‘Escapade’ fed driving guitar into the atmosphere with an inescapable beat that had us all “dancing all night when the lights start to flicker.” Wonderful harmonies coalesced with cool stage presence made this set perfection perfection. ‘Will You Be There’ is always a highlight for me, as my favourite track – with brilliant sing-along lyrics which had us all shouting “when the rain starts pouringgggggg, will you be thereee” and pushing the crowd to create dance circles, (there’s just something so infectious about this track.)

Bringing something different to the set came ‘Candlelight’ which saw the crowd throw their lighters in the air, although a bit cheesy it was memorable- this track and ‘Turn the Clock’ slowed down the set and showed off the range of Kiaran’s beautiful vocals. The gig had to come to a close but not before the audience-anticipated ‘Live for the Moment’ and ‘Chasing Shadows’ which blew up the venue with sheer energy, visible in the crowd as they sang their hearts out and danced like mad for the last time, ending the night on a high. Both tracks are huge tunes and bought the show to a close in the best way possible.


Words : Becky Woods / Photos : Courtney Brock

Live review : Casey Lowry : Camden Assembly, LDN : 03/10/17

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Two weeks break and I’m back ready to discover some new artists. It’s my second time at the “Camden Assembly” and I can say that it is always a pleasure to be here. As last time, after I enter the venue I’m welcomed with blue and purple smoke.

To warm up the audience for the main act, we have “Little India” a four piece band from Vancouver, Canada but currently based in London. Their music is been described as Nostalgic Rock with 80’s Pop influences. With their perfect harmony mixed with electronic sampling, they keep the listeners on their toes and keep them dancing. I would say that it is an amazing choice on how to start an evening in style. Quite a few people are still making their way into the room, but it’s nice to see how everyone is getting involved by the music as soon as they step in.

Changing the scenery after a little bit, “James King and The Royals” is up, an Indie Commercial Rock band from Harrogate. As soon as they hit the stage I’m blown away with the pathos and the energy that these guys have, especially lead singer James Brown, who is able to entertain the audience with little jokes. It is another great band that keeps your feet moving. The crowd is now warmed up and ready to get on with the party. After the first couple of songs we are notified that James’ dad is in the audience and he looks so happy and proud of his son and his friends.

Lights are down and a couple of fake plastic palms create a summer atmosphere to the stage. Ladies and Gentlemen, it’s “Casey Lowry” and his band turn. His music is classified as “California Brunch Pop” and he is from Chesterfield. Despite his young age, 19, he is been already featured as Radio One’s Artist of the Week and sold out some of the UK’s largest and most well known venues, all before his first single. Everyone is super excited to see him, so they take videos and selfies with him from the first row. His music and energy manage to involve them even more. During the last song of the set, he decides to make the night more special so he asks the audience to low down and at his signal jump high in the sky. The lights are on and everyone is going mental.

Another great night comes to an end and it is always a pleasure for me to discover such great artists.


-Words + Photos : Selena Ferro

Sea Girls Unveil Video For ‘Lost’ Alongside Full UK Tour

20170918-IMG_4760-2_smallBritish rock band Sea Girls are pleased to unveil the video for their latest single, Lost as well as details of a full UK headline tour for 2018.

Watch the video for Lost here: http://vevo.ly/I8xmsl

The band are also today announcing details of a full UK tour in February 2018, starting with the previously announced Omeara show and covering 6 nights including Manchester, Bristol and Glasgow.

Fronted by the ambitious Henry Camamile, Sea Girls, a London-based four-piece (originally hailing from Kent and Leicestershire) are proving adept at delivering simple storytelling and arena-ready anthems.

Sea Girls Live Dates:

21st October – SWN Festival, Cardiff

01st February – Omeara, London *

02nd February – The Exchange, Bristol *

03rd February – The Cookie, Leicester *

08th February – Deaf Institute, Manchester *

09th February – Brudenell Social Club (Community Room), Leeds *

10th February – King Tut’s Wah Wah Hut, Glasgow **


*  – 14+

** – 18+

Tickets for the tour are available now at: www.seagirls.net