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Spotlight: Blood Youth



Blood Youth are a melodic alternative rock band, based in the UK that we have recently discovered!

Their latest EP ‘Closure’ blends fresh pop punk with dynamic hardcore that is bound to get you hooked on their music. Stand out tracks like ‘Mood Swing’ and ‘Closure’ invite you in with catchy underlying punk rock vibes and passionate vocals.

With their flavorsome sound these guys are bound to be favourites at the festivals this year, be sure to catch them at 2000 Trees, Underground Festival and Slam Dunk!

For fans of: Four Year Strong and Gallows!

Check out: ‘Failure’ and ‘Mood Swing’

Find them on iTunes!

Spotlight : WSTR


We may have already mentioned this but we at Spilt Milk love pop punk and therefore we love WSTR.

WSTR are a pop punk band with pop punk attitude from Liverpool, complete with synchronised pop punk bouncing onstage too. Their tracks are energetic and are impossible to stand still to while listening to them.

Their EP SKRWD is track after track brilliant, with fast paced guitars that hit you, commanding drums and passionate vocals. Our favourite track from the EP is ‘Fair Weather’ with the killer line “my friends are dicks, but I would never have it any other way”. You need to check these guys out straight away, and catch them live at Slam Dunk festival or on tour with Trash Boat!

For fans of: Neck Deep, Trash boat


Single Review – Undercurrents, Sahara Breeze



Sahara Breeze are most definitely becoming ones to watch (and listen to) for Spilt Milk this month and we have had their most recently released single ‘Undercurrents’ on repeat at HQ. It’s safe to say we are hooked on this track.

The rhythm gets you moving and carries that sunny indie rock sound that we all love with a slight psychedelic hint, which makes this track really stand out. The guitars on this track build up with a powerful drive, which radiates an exciting energy. This compliments the incredible, effortless vocals that boast big choruses guaranteed to have you dancing and singing along to this track. With a bright and lively feel, ‘Undercurrents’ is certainly one for your spring playlists!

We can tell that making great music comes easily to these boys, and we can’t wait to hear more from Sahara Breeze!

7th April 2016: South Bay Productions Presents Mass Spectrum w/ Ten Tombs, Sahara Breeze and Jack Cooper

DSC_1779bw2.jpgThis gig at 2Pigs, hosted by South Bay Productions, was definitely a strong one, boasting a killer line up of Cheltenham based bands and a few of our favourites too! Spilt Milk went down to the gig to enjoy a night of incredible music.

First on the bill was the incredibly talented Jack Cooper, accompanied by his band. He played a mix of tracks including some covers, which got the audience singing along! Jack’s voice is so smooth and mature; he is great to listen to live.


Next were up were indie rock four piece Sahara Breeze, with their sunny sounds and psychedelic undertones. This is the first time that Spilt Milk have seen Sahara Breeze and we loved them! Plying their newest single Undercurrents, which you’d be a fool not to check out – it’s bound to hook you on their ingenious sound!


The boys in Ten Tombs took to the stage. These guys are one of our favourites, and, as you may recall, were the cover band from last month’s issue. They delivered a powerful set with a mix of tracks that consisted of passionate vocals weaved with thick resonant chords that leave you craving more, ending their set on the well loved anthem ‘Keep’, accompanied by the audience singing along!

The headline band was the newly re-branded Mass Spectrum. You may remember them as Spoils, but they’re back as Mass Spectrum and they are sounding incredible. The set consisted of some old Spoils tracks as well as some new music, which sounds massive. These guys are great because their music is so unique and so addictive. Keep an eye and ear out for these guys, as they are definitely not ones to miss.

Make sure you check out all of these fantastic Cheltenham based bands and catch all of them at a gig, you’d be silly not to!