DSC_6044.jpgTibet are indie rock at it’s best hailing from Cardiff. Their tracks are energetic with big choruses. We love everything about their sound, from the rock and roll guitars to the catchy lyrics. These tracks get stuck in your head for days and this is definitely a memorable band. You need to watch them and listen to them because they are the best indie band out of Wales (we aren’t lying) and will have you moving along in no time.

Their sound also has that sunny feeling to it making them a great addition to your spring and summer playlists!

Check out: See You Out tonight and In My Head





We have recently discovered this band and we like what we hear very much. Cold Summer are a Wakefield based experimental melodic rock band with a twist, that are very soon releasing ‘Fight To Survive’. This is Cold Summer’s new EP, which will be available to you on the 1st of April 2016. This EP is their most refined and emotionally driven music to date.

We have been lucky enough to get a first listen to this brilliant, powerful 6 track EP and here is what we thought about some of our favourite songs:

Firstly, we love the title ‘Fight To Survive’. It sets you up for exciting and authoritative tracks that you will immediately fall in love with.

Bear Eats Wolf is the opening track and prepares you for the EP ahead. This track shows you exactly what Cold Summer are about, and if the rest of the EP is anything to go by, it shows us that these guys are know what they are doing, and where they are heading. The track begins with a soft intro that grabs you and draws you in from the off.

The drums begin to build and then followed by ripping guitars striking your attention. The powerful vocals strike through hard, with the perfect, strong mix of heavy and melodic sounds that hit that ‘sweet spot’. This track is energetic and with catchy lyrics, it will be in your head all day long.

A Time Imagination Forgot To Inspire is the leading track from this EP and is definitely one to check out immediately. Since being released on the 19th of February, this track has already hit the airwaves, receiving plays from BBC Introducing in West Yorkshire, Rock sport radio, EGH Radio Rocks, Real Rock Show, and Rock Fanatic Rockcast to name a few, and we are absolutely sure there will be a lot more. To begin, we love the title for this track! The music here is commanding, layers of instruments that create a perfectly crafted track along with guitar licks that are beautiful but feel like they could kick your ass. This track is captivating and exciting.

Another track we love is Coins fall (But Don’t Make It). The intro to this track sets you up for a great song and then the drums kick in and build the energy and anticipation. You can really feel the passion in the vocals and this track is so infectious that it will definitely get you moving along with it. The track dips to a beautiful stripped back part with chilling guitars, making hairs stand on end, then building the drums before exploding with energy!

Overall this EP is massive. It’s exciting and powerful and Cold Summer are certainly impressive. Keep and eye and ear out for these boys, they will blow you away for sure. The EP is available on the 1st of April, so make sure you get it! Also Cold Summer will be hitting Cheltenham soon too and you most definitely do not want to miss that!