Rat Boy : Electric Brixton : 06-05-16



If you can remember, Spilt Milk made Rat Boy one of our ‘ones to watch’ this year, with expectations of Jordan Cardy and his band becoming huge. Well we were right. Rat Boy is on pretty much every festival line up this year and selling out shows like crazy.

We at Spilt Milk were lucky enough to grab a ticket to see Rat Boy at Electric Brixton on the 6th of May as the venue was upgraded due to popular demand!

From the off the crowd was rowdy and raring to go, surging with energy even before Cardy took to the stage. The atmosphere was electric! (We get why the venue is called Electric Brixton now!!)

After an intro drowned out by cheers as the band began, came opening track ‘Move’. This track is definitely bouncy and set the tone for the rest of the show, as it had to be restarted to stop the crowd from crushing each other in an excited, wild manner. New tracks followed this, unfamiliar to the ears of Spilt Milk, but sounded brilliant with Rat Boy’s familiar indie-rock-come-hip-hop sound and clever anecdote lyrics, relatable to an audience of eighteen year olds.

Towards the middle of the set came track ‘Left 4 Dead’, which is lyrically quite dark, and opened up mosh pits around the crowd. Following this was ‘Wasteman’, this social commentary hits harder, with Cardy spitting lines such as ‘Living in the modern day class war’. Tracks like these carry energy with catchy hooks and infectious rhythms that make you sit up and listen. The hyped energy onstage and in the audience roared from track to track, making this an exciting yet sweaty gig!

The last two songs were a couple of our favourites – ‘Sign On’ and ‘Fake ID’. These are two tracks that the audience could associate with; ‘Sign On’ telling the tale of Cardy loosing his job in Wetherspoons and being ‘young, dumb and living off mum’. Fake ID was fast paced and lively, causing a jolting frenzy in the crowd and ending the set brilliantly before Rat Boy disappeared over the barrier to be consumed by the crowd like a scene from the ‘Walking Dead’.

What we find most intriguing about this homegrown Essex lad is this; his audience is young, and so is he, but behind the cheeky persona, catchy tracks and samples, his social commentary is hard hitting and real, following the likes of his music inspirations, Rat Boy is making a statement and his momentum and audience is growing.

We can’t wait to hear more new tracks from his up-coming album and see a lot more of him at festivals over the summer!

Be sure to check him out if you haven’t already and get yourself down to a Rat Boy gig!



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