This band hailing from London have really caught our attention this month with their ‘lo-fi’ scuzzy sound, which blends garage rock with punk with indie great-ness! NME has described Virgin Kids as the UK’s answer to Black Lips, who they are often compared to.

Virgin Kids began as a bedroom project and they are now storming the UK with their debut album ‘Greasewheel’ (which is pizza by the way). The album is fantastic and flows so well. The sound is so deep, it’s hard to believe that they are just a three-piece band and the tracks would sound perfect in small sweaty venues as well as bigger spaces and festivals due to the quick tempo and catchy hooks. Their tracks are energetic, fun and will have you moving along to them in no time! Be sure to check this band out and catch them on the festival circuit this summer!


Tracks to check out : Be Your Friend, Bruised Knees and Cracks In Colour



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