You may remember from previous issues Cheltenham based hip-hop/alternative trio, Spoils. Last Month it was revealed that the trio had decided to move on and go their separate ways. Danny Thomas (bassist) and Lewis Abbot (Lead singer/synth) re-branded as ‘Mass Spectrum’ with drummer Josh Waterfield joining them. As well as the band Mass Spectrum being formed, Tom Westcott, previous Lead singer and member of Spoils, has joined forces with Joe Dixon to form Optikal.

Friday 19th May saw Optikal perform their first gig. Although Dixon was absent from the set due to lack of rehearsal time, this didn’t stop Tom Westcott from performing an energetic and enjoyable set, which is now the talk of Cheltenham town.

The 20-30 mins set saw Westcott showing off his ability to spit bars, with his lyrics making people cheer and laugh in enjoyment.

It was nice to hear one of the old Spoils tracks ‘Need to Know’ played, although the trio are no longer its great to see that both bands are still playing the tracks that the people of Cheltenham loved and know.

Over all Optikal delivered an insane set of catchy beats, energetic jumping around the stage and brought with them one of the biggest crowds of the night. We can’t wait to hopefully see these guys again and hear more of their stuff over the next year!



As always Ten Tombs played an incredible set. Dom’s great hair was bouncy as always, and the tightness of the 4 of them and their energy seems to develop every time these guys step on stage. We were treated to hearing one of their new songs due to be released over the summer. Their new track consists of a catchy sound that is hard to not dance along to; it has a summery feel and feels like it could be the theme tune to a compilation of good summer memories.


Overall the gig was brilliant and a great way to send us all off into the summer break!


Photos : Lily Maggs


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