On Friday 28th of May Catfish and the Bottlemen released their highly anticipated second album ‘The Ride’ on Island Records/Capitol Records and pretty much went straight to number 1 on the UK album charts. And of course, being major Catfish and the Bottlemen fans, we got the album straight away. Here are our thoughts after our first listen of ‘The Ride’.

The album starts strong with the fantastic ‘7’. Anyone who managed to catch The Bottlemen on tour last November will recognise this track, as it was the first taste of a new song on the live set lists. This song is nothing short of great and sets high expectations for the album to follow. Varying beats and tempo create energy throughout the track, as Van McCann’s passionate vocals bring an exciting edge. The track is topped off with sweet guitar riffs and solos. This gripping track is a powerful way to kick off the album!

This is then followed by two more familiar tracks that were both released ahead of the album – ‘Twice’ and ‘Soundcheck’. Both of these tracks follow the bar set by ‘7’, being powerful, big tunes with catchy choruses. It seems that every song on this album are incredible stand-alone anthems, but are also equally as powerful as part of the flow of the album.

Next up is ‘Postpone’ and Van’s voice grabs you immediately. His vocals sound almost isolated which showcases his unique tone, which sounds simply stunning. This is the first unheard track for us and it’s incredible.

Anything’ is a track that gets you moving. Its strong beat and arresting guitar solo adds a more rocky edge to this track.

Glasgow’ is the first acoustic track on the album. Catfish and the Bottlemen do acoustic tracks brilliantly, as they earlier proved with ‘Hourglass’ from the debut album. This track is stripped back and allows those strong yet sweet vocals to take over. This track is soft, but still just as powerful as the tracks that surround it.

Probably our favourite track on the album after one listen is ‘Oxygen’. It’s actually extremely hard to pick a favourite from an album like this, however for us, ‘Oxygen ‘proves how Catfish and the Bottlemen’s sound has developed and grown stronger following the success of their previous album ‘The Balcony’. We really like the strong beat to this track and the catchy chorus. Here is a song that will sound absolutely incredible live!

Red’ acts as another example of how their music has developed into an even bigger being. This track is strong with a big sound and sweet guitar licks

The last two tracks on the album are ‘Heathrow’ and ‘Outside’. Heathrow is another acoustic track, which makes your hairs stand on end. This track again features amazing vocals. ‘Outside’ is another huge track that could easily be an arena-filling track, making an extremely fantastic end to the album.

Overall this album is simply incredible. Each track is powerful and the album flows so well. The reaction to ‘The Ride’ has been phenomenal too, proving it to be a very successful album, and further proving that Catfish and the Bottlemen are one of the most exciting and popular bands around right now. Catch them on tour this November (if you are lucky enough to secure yourself a ticket) where they play their biggest show to date at Wembley arena!!!!


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