Here it is! The cover of issue #6! Featuring the fantastic Polar Front, Wychwood Festival review, lots of single and album reviews, new bands to check out, a huge festival guide, and of course the Ultimate Spilt Milk Playlist!  All of this RELEASED TOMORROW!!


Album Review : THINGS WILL MATTER : Lonely The Brave


Lonely The Brave are quite an incredible band, and in our eyes they are incredibly underrated. Saying that, they are playing festival after festival and are slowly creeping their way to the top. They have a loyal fan base behind them but this band really deserve much more attention – as they are BRILLIANT.

Their second album ‘Things Will Matter’ was released at the end of last month on Hassle Records and it’s a huge album. Here’s what we thought…

After one listen it’s easy to pick out our favourite tracks – including ‘Black Mire’ and ‘Rattlesnakes’. This album perfectly follows the high bar set by LTB’s debut album ‘The Day’s War’ giving us big sounding tracks in classic Lonely The Brave style. But this album boasts a more mature and sophisticated sound, showing us how the best can get even better. You can clearly hear the work and passion poured into this album with crafted tracks that are an absolute pleasure on the ear. You can’t help but imagine these tracks smashing bigger venues and filling festival big-tops.

Track 5 is ‘Diamond Days’ and it stands out to us as a powerful example of Dave’s passionate and emotional vocals. This is a beautiful sounding track with enchanting guitar melodies. These combined create a generally softer sound, however the bass line and drums create powerful, deeper undertones, which compliment the emotion and tone of the vocals. This track strips out in the outro, leaving you with an almost isolated guitar and drums that round the track up beautifully.

‘Dust and bones’ is another stand out track for us from this album. It’s powerful and should be played LOUD. The tempo builds during the first verse, exploding into a passionate chorus, which easily sounds like a sing-along anthem. This track sounds like Lonely The Brave’s older songs from the debut, and that’s a good thing as it shows they are consistently powerful! This track features prominent drums that you can almost feel and the guitar creates a fast tempo that captivates you.

‘Tank Wave’ is track 9 on the album and strips right back to a raw sound. It starts slow and soft, with the guitar raising every hair on your arms. The beat here is slow but still as powerful as the more energetic tracks! This track is another fantastic showcase of the vocals as they are strong and emotive with a beautiful tone and has you hanging on every word. “You leave me wanting more….”

The last track on ‘Things Will Matter’ is ‘Jaws of hell’ which has a deeper sound. It rounds up the album brilliantly, showcasing the matured and developed sound of Lonely The Brave and creates a powerful end to the album. The hidden track on the end of this is very interesting as it is stripped back and features a piano. This varies their sound and shows you that these guys are capable of mastering any style!

Overall this is a very good album! The tracks are generally strong and powerful and it follows the path set by the first album. It’s fair to say that their sound has developed and has only got better! Not all tracks on the album are stand-alone anthems, however the album flows really well and those weaker tracks help to support the sound of the album as a whole. We cannot wait to catch Lonely The brave on the festival circuit this year – expect great live music and a powerful performance from these guys!!

-Courtney Brock

spotlight : BLACK HONEY


Black Honey are an indie four-piece hailing from Brighton and are making huge waves on the indie music scene at the moment. They are definitely climbing to the top and are most certainly ones to watch this year!

Their tracks ooze cool attitude and they put on a performance to match. The band is fronted by the extremely talented Izzy Phillips – her vocals are sweet yet sharp. Her voice isolated on tracks such as ‘Corrine’ is enough to silence an audience in awe and raise the hairs on your arms. The tracks vary in energy but all carry that same attitude. Mixing simple melodies, FX pedals and sharp electric guitar riffs to contrast with the enchanting, cooing vocals.

All tracks by this band are captivating and they are simply stunning to hear live! Go and check Black Honey out now and you’ll be glad that you did!


Tracks to check out : Spinning Wheel, Corrine and Mocking Swing

Single Review : Animal Style : Biffy Clyro


Biffy Clyro have written many fantastic stadium anthems, particularly in the more recent stages of their career: Only Revolutions’ ‘Mountains’ and Opposites’ ‘Black Chandelier’ are both more than capable of getting tens of thousands of rowdy festival-goers to sing along, whilst ‘Many of Horror’ has such mass appeal that it has even been covered in an X-Factor winner’s single. However, the Scottish band are equally well known for writing fast paced tunes with heavy, complex, jagged riffs , and whilst 2013’s Opposites was well received, there were worries from some corners that their massive mainstream success might have smoothed off their rougher, rockier, edges.

Perhaps in response, Simon Neil promised that new album Ellipsis (out 8th July) would be a more aggressive and dirty affair, one that sounds like it is “teetering on the edge of chaos”. Early samples such as ‘Wolves of Winter’ and live versions of ‘On a Bang’ have backed this up, and latest taster ‘Animal Style’ is no different.

The song begins with a driving riff which carries on throughout the verse. Never ones to stick to an ordinary verse-chorus-verse structure, the band build up the tension with an urgent sounding pre-chorus before launching into a huge chorus which splits itself into two distinct sections: a slower, heavy, synth-backed breakdown, then a faster section which is sure to get the crowd moving. Following the second go around, we are treated to an impressive guitar solo, before one last chorus to seal the deal.

Lyrically, as the song’s title may suggest, Simon Neil taps into his more animalistic desires, warning the song’s addressee (presumably a lover) that “I’ll eat you alive” and wondering “Why d’you waste your time with me/ I’m just an animal”. The previously mentioned ‘edge of chaos’ theme is certainly evident here, as we are told “My body’s gone cold/and I’ve lost control,” and that “All I wanna feel’s a little chemical rush”. All in all, this song feels like one which will unite – and excite – all corners of Biffy’s fanbase.


-Harry Winter



We’re in for a treat, Bobby Scaife has released his debut EP and its acoustic music at its best. Here at Spilt Milk we’ve got the great pleasure of listening to his new EP ‘Softly Softly, Annette’ which will be released on the 4th June.

‘Sweep/Sonder’, build up of guitar and piano leads with soft vocals that enchant a beautiful and stripped back song. Opening the EP perfectly with its slow progression that sets you up for similarly soothing and emotive tracks to follow.

‘This Ain’t You’ interlaces light vocals with beautifully contrasting guitar, which feels more folk influenced then other songs, producing a more upbeat and infectious track. Drawing you in from the start, the lyrics are catchy and combined with the guitar leave you tapping along, making this our stand out track.

‘I Fell For Everyone’, this track resumes the mellow sound, this time with a recognisable and heavier but enticing guitar baseline contrasting with the melodic vocals, you’re bound to catch yourself singing along with the lyrics ‘what can I do.’

‘What We Did Last Night’ continues Bobby’s soothing sound with his sweet acoustic guitar and soft vocals that introduce underlying and applicable lyrics suiting the narrative track title.

Next up with ‘The World Is Mine’ and straight away the vocals are the main focus of this track with cynical and emotive lyrics that capture your attention. The track is a personal favourite, with hints of mockery that an audience can relate with. The haunting ‘ooh the world is mine’ generates a more commanding chorus that elevates the general attitude of the song.

Ending with ‘Comfortable’, this relaxed track brings you back to what Bobby is all about, with tranquil guitar and vocals that act as a perfect but short send off, his tale ends with ‘feeling comfortable out here.’

Overall, this EP casts a soothing and easy listen that puts you into a mellow trance, varying track lengths help shape the emotions portrayed throughout each individual track, allowing you to identify with each. Be sure to check out the EP and keep your eyes and ears out for more to follow from Bobby Scaife.IMG_6624BS ROAD 7bw.jpg

Photo: Becky Woods