We’re in for a treat, Bobby Scaife has released his debut EP and its acoustic music at its best. Here at Spilt Milk we’ve got the great pleasure of listening to his new EP ‘Softly Softly, Annette’ which will be released on the 4th June.

‘Sweep/Sonder’, build up of guitar and piano leads with soft vocals that enchant a beautiful and stripped back song. Opening the EP perfectly with its slow progression that sets you up for similarly soothing and emotive tracks to follow.

‘This Ain’t You’ interlaces light vocals with beautifully contrasting guitar, which feels more folk influenced then other songs, producing a more upbeat and infectious track. Drawing you in from the start, the lyrics are catchy and combined with the guitar leave you tapping along, making this our stand out track.

‘I Fell For Everyone’, this track resumes the mellow sound, this time with a recognisable and heavier but enticing guitar baseline contrasting with the melodic vocals, you’re bound to catch yourself singing along with the lyrics ‘what can I do.’

‘What We Did Last Night’ continues Bobby’s soothing sound with his sweet acoustic guitar and soft vocals that introduce underlying and applicable lyrics suiting the narrative track title.

Next up with ‘The World Is Mine’ and straight away the vocals are the main focus of this track with cynical and emotive lyrics that capture your attention. The track is a personal favourite, with hints of mockery that an audience can relate with. The haunting ‘ooh the world is mine’ generates a more commanding chorus that elevates the general attitude of the song.

Ending with ‘Comfortable’, this relaxed track brings you back to what Bobby is all about, with tranquil guitar and vocals that act as a perfect but short send off, his tale ends with ‘feeling comfortable out here.’

Overall, this EP casts a soothing and easy listen that puts you into a mellow trance, varying track lengths help shape the emotions portrayed throughout each individual track, allowing you to identify with each. Be sure to check out the EP and keep your eyes and ears out for more to follow from Bobby Scaife.IMG_6624BS ROAD 7bw.jpg

Photo: Becky Woods


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