Before the release of his most recent album, ‘Carry On The Grudge’, we were left with a huge Jamie T shaped gap in our lives, not knowing when the Wimbledon hailing singer-songwriter would release anything new. So whenever Jamie gives us any new tracks we are beyond overjoyed, and relieved that we haven’t had to wait 5 years this time!

This is exactly the case with brand new track ‘Tinfoil Boy’, which was debuted as Annie Mac’s Hottest record in the world on the 29th of June! Here’s what we make of the new track!

This track is new and improved Jamie T. It still carries his style, but it’s been reworked, and follows that set of the last album, certainly being a lot darker than his early anecdote filled tracks. Tinfoil Boy is gritty and rocky with dark synth sounds but contrasted by the softer female monologue that sets up the track.

The intro is a little haunting and builds anticipation, while the female monologue sounds isolated. The track builds from the go in the first verse with Jamie’s crooning vocal still carrying that dark edge while guitar blending with almost distorted electronic sounds build behind the vocals. Then ripping into an explosive chorus which is loud, gritty and confrontational with repetition as Jamie spits “HE’S A TINFOIL BOY, BOY BOY BOY BOY” leaving it echoing in your head. The track twists and turns, from a punchy chorus then stripping back to isolated vocals and spoken monologue and then build the power again. The chorus has a hint of a heavy chase-and-status-esque track but ‘Tinfoil Boy’ is definitely a lot rougher.

Overall the track proves that Jamie is back, and he is stronger than ever. We love the way that his music has evolved, and these darker tracks take you on a journey that stays with you. We can’t wait to hear what else Jamie has for us!


Check out Tinfoil Boy now!!


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