SINGLE REVIEW: Deaf Havana: ‘Sing’


Deaf Havana are back! After a 3-year gap we have been longing for these talented boys to bless us with another album of their delicious music.

Luckily the wait is almost over, it has been said their 4th album will be released in early 2017!

Recently unleashing ‘Sing’ has bought them straight back into our hearts with this dynamic and honest track.

Bringing all the great attributes of previous Deaf Havana songs, this track brings a more mature and heavier style to their punchy and soulful sound.

The intro begins with a catchy and strong guitar riff that sets a heavier tone for the song, complimenting the honest lyrics and soaring melodies. James’s raw vocals illustrate previous desperation and regrets, breaking into the chorus with their new intentions to “sing along, [to] struggle on, ‘cause [they] need it.” Rocky guitar riffs continue and the words “we’re going sing like we mean it” are repeated and without a doubt will be left stuck in your head, returning back to that original monstrous guitar riff that ends the song perfectly.

This song is the start of something bigger for Deaf Havana, expanding their horizons with this vibrant and sophisticated sound! Which is bound to be a crowd favourite, perfect for Reading and Leeds festival, which they are playing next month!

Be sure to check out ‘Sing’ and keep an eye on what’s next for these lads!


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