Leader: ‘Young Again’

Oxfordshire band Leader have been busy since their formation in 2014. In just over two years the 5 piece have played gigs and festivals all over the country, including opening up the main stage at Penn Fest last weekend on a bill including the likes of Britpop veterans Shed Seven and Ocean Colour Scene. In addition to this, they have put out three EP’s; ‘Honest Man’, ‘Landing Light’, and their latest: the eponymous ‘Leader’ EP.

‘Young Again’ is both the opening track of this EP and also the subject of the band’s latest video. It’s a song built for festival season and large crowds, with catchy hooks and a big, sing-along chorus. Lyrically – as might be expected from its title – ‘Young Again’ seems to be a nostalgic look at simpler times, as singer Ben Edginton tells us about the naivety of his youth, describing himself as “a dreamer” who thought “the streets were paved with gold”, before begging “take me back, I want to feel young again”. This nostalgia also seems to seep into the music, with its stripped back verses creating a wistful, reflective mood. This is transformed in the chorus however, where the nostalgia becomes a more joyous affair.

Exactly why Leader would want to go back is anyone’s guess. After a successful EP launch and armed with a brilliant new video and single, the band appears well poised to take big steps forward.


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