It’s been a while, but New Forest based band, Natives, have recently bounced back on to the pop rock scene.

A slice of euphoric pop perfection, their tracks blend smooth synths, upbeat percussion and catchy vocals.

Following on from the bands March release ‘Chasing Lions’, they’ve bought out a brand new track ‘Stop the Rain’. Their recent track ‘Stop the Rain’ generates an instant uplift for the audience, infused with a beat that makes you want to get up and dance! Oozing with inspiration and culture the video reinforces the tribal pop sound these lads have mastered.

The band have been working hard on a new album which has been rumoured to tell the listener a fictional self discovery story, complimented with a novel! What a unique concept these lads are working on, summing up how dedicated and rare this talented bunch is.

Natives have matured greatly, keeping their loveable upbeat and feel good sound, known by fans from their earlier tracks like ‘This Island’ and ‘Stand for Something’, whilst bringing a fresher vibe to their music.

Be sure to them out, and with the promise of live gigs to come, you’d be silly to miss out!



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