Faux – ‘Inhale’ EP review

Back in June I had the pleasure of reviewing Southampton band Faux’s single ‘Inhale’. The song was an excellent combination of intimate verses and huge choruses, taken from their latest EP (also named ‘Inhale’). The full EP is now available on both iTunes and Spotify amongst other formats, including a limited vinyl pressing of 300 copies.

The title track’s intimate verses and big choruses are retained on the EP’s following four songs, but there is a slight shift of pace after the opener. Whilst ‘Inhale’ is spacious and reverb drenched for much of the song, the remainder of the EP is busier, more tightly wound. ‘Nerves’ opens in explosive fashion with a fiddly guitar riff, and while the reverb-y sound is present in the verse, a second guitar keeps the energy high. ‘Call’ dials down the tempo a touch, but not by much. The drumming – solid on every track – is particularly impressive here, whilst the build-up to the first chorus really sticks out.   

Fiddly clean guitar riffs are a persistent feature throughout the EP, but the best of them are arguably found in the verse and pre-chorus of ‘You know’. These are followed by another of the sing-along choruses which seem to be a staple part of the band’s repertoire. Closing song ‘Swimmingly’ begins as frenetically as any of the others, but soon calms down in the verses, which like in ‘Inhale’ are more reflective. It switches between these and a chorus which wastes no time jumping back into a higher gear, before an ending as big as any that have come before it.

Throughout the EP, Faux manage to pair their emo influences with some infectious hooks, resulting in a sound almost reminiscent in places of a slightly harder edged Two Door Cinema Club. The instrumentation at no point seems lazy; in places it brims with invention. For fans of either emo or indie rock, Faux are well worth checking out.


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