Temples – ‘Certainty’

Two and a half years after their first album Sun Structures, Temples have returned with a teaser from their as yet untitled follow up. This comes in the form of their latest single, ‘Certainty’, which is available to listen to on the band’s Soundcloud.

It’s apparent from the start that Temples are not content with simply rehashing the same formula that brought them success on their debut. ‘Certainty’ retains the trippy psychedelia the band is known for, but the addition of a synthesiser increases the sonic possibilities and makes for a beefier sound – and arguably a more original one. Where Sun Structures was clearly rooted in 60’s guitar music, ‘Certainty’ takes us in a more space-age direction.

After a brief drum intro and the shock of hearing a synthesiser, we are treated to a fantastic, effects laden hook that manages to sound eerie and blissful all at once. Vocally, the song’s melodies and reverb soaked approach is perhaps the closest link to the previous album. Whilst it would be hard to call the verses stripped back, they are in comparison to the chorus, where layer upon layer of sound is added.

This brings us to perhaps the only small criticism of ‘Certainty’ – that in places almost too much is going on. The song is packed with short motifs which appear briefly then disappear, resurfacing maybe once or twice at different points. For the most part these work fine and sound great, but occasionally it is hard to work out exactly what is happening with so many layers on top of each other. Despite this minor quibble, this is an excellent return from Temples.













LIVE 01 bfest online .jpg

Casey are an incredibly talented alternative band, from South Wales! These guys are on our radar this month after we caught them in the acoustic shack at Butserfest, we were hooked on their emotive sound and great personalities!

In recent months these guys have not only been blessing us with live shows but have just released their debut album ‘Love Is Not Enough’ through Hassle Records, hailing great powerful tracks which is bound to get them even more well deserved attention!

These guys are also on the line-up for Swn Is Sound festival alongside Lonely the Brave, Fatherson and more! These guys will fit in perfectly on this killer line-up, bringing an their emotive sound to match those strong acts!

We expect great things from these guys so be sure to check them out!

Tracks to listen to:    ‘Haze’, ‘Fade’, ‘Darling’ and ‘Ceremony’





On Thursday night, 16th of September, we returned to The Victoria in Swindon to catch hometown heroes Polar Front. After having an advanced listen to their EP,’16916’, we couldn’t wait to hear it live!

To no surprise this talented 3 piece bought in a great crowd, who packed out the floor, eager for their performance! To get the show started they kicked off their set with ‘Saints’, which is the first track on the EP. This track was perfect to get the crowd going, hooking your attention with an explosive and huge atmospheric sound and of course Sophie’s stunning vocals (which were nothing short of faultlessness.)

Next up was ‘Trigger’, which the crowd was itching for, choruses of “Oh I love this one” could be heard throughout the audience! Enticing us with that soft hum before picking up the pace with that catchy electronic sound, vocals and a beat that gets you toe tapping! Us at Spilt Milk love this track!!

Isolated vocals started their cover of ‘Brother’, which instantly made you shut up and listen in awe of Sophie’s voice. A soft start that really emphasised the depth and texture of her voice, before the beat picks up lifting the song into and upbeat feel good song.PF01Lc.jpg

This was followed smoothly with ‘Faded’, a first listen for me, and as soon as that instrumental kicks up a gear into an upbeat track, pulling in those electronic elements again complimented by catchy lyrics that just pull the whole song together!

‘G#’ followed giving us a throwback to the first time we heard it at Wychwood, at the start of summer! The strong beat and good rhythm got the packed out Vic moving along!

After a lot of pleas for an encore, Polar Front ended the set with their cover of ‘Say my name’, which they have effortlessly mashed up with equally popular chart song ‘Hotline Bling’! This was a great way to entertain the masses and end on a sing-along that left everyone in high spirits!

Overall it was a great night, and we are huge fans of ‘16916’, each track is a demanding anthem, and with this new material and their polished identity we reckon Polar Front are bound to take the bigger scene by storm!

Their EP is now out, and available on Spotify so make sure you give it a listen, no doubt you’ll love it!




Remember our amazing cover feature band from issue 6 – Polar Front? Well they have an EP coming out very soon and we were able to get an advance listen to tell you all about it! This is what we thought of ‘16916’…

After the first few plays of the brand new EP from Polar Front – 16916 – my advice for you is to turn it up as loud as your ears can handle, and prepare to be blown away

To put it simply – It. Is. Incredible.

The EP as a whole is a beautiful, yet powerful, blend of layers that are carefully crafted, and very well produced, to create an enchanting sound and boast big atmospheres. The depth of the music is just fantastic; bringing together commanding drums with beautiful guitars wrapped up in an electronic-synthy-indie dream. This paired with the stunning vocals from Sophie that cause your hairs to stand on end, creates an EP that is a force to be reckoned with.

The highly anticipated track ‘Saints’ opens the EP, jumping straight into deep, atmospheric hums met by a strong vocal. The pace begins slowly, with drums recalling the thrum of a heartbeat. The track builds with power before exploding into a faster paced sound that brings in spine-chilling guitars, a faster beat and impressive vocals that convey raw emotion. This track is made to get your attention and tells you that this is what Polar Front are about. The power drives and dips, taking you on a journey as the track progresses.

Trigger’ showcases Sophie’s vocals from the off. Beginning almost isolated, accompanied by just a piano, before that soft atmospheric hum from a seaboard kicks in. The track picks up pace into the chorus with a beat that will get you moving. I feel like if you could (try to) summarise Polar Front in a track, it could be ‘Trigger’ as it conveys all of their talents in a single track.

This flows nicely into ‘Faded’, which begins with a longer instrumental intro. This track has a faster pace from the beginning and pulls in some electronic influences. Again, Sophie’s vocals on this track are beautiful, the tone perfectly complimented by the atmosphere created in the music.

The EP is rounded off flawlessly with Spilt Milk favourite, ‘Eye To Eye’. We reviewed this track back in issue 6 if you’d like a longer read. But to summarise ‘Eye To Eye’ – this is a defining track that drives power throughout, beautifully layering the drums and guitar with electronic elements and powerful vocals. This commanding track will be stuck in your head for days!

Overall we love 16916. As well as the incredible tracks, we love how the name and artwork are so simple as it allows the music to do all of the talking. It is a powerful, defining EP that has clearly been really well produced. Polar Front are ready to break onto the bigger scene and we know that this EP will be very successful.

Check it out on release, and get yourself down to one of the release shows!!



-Courtney Brock


Spring King – ‘Detroit’ Review

“This is a chord. This is another. This is a third. Now form a band,” a famous punk rock poster informs and implores us. Manchester post-punk band Spring King sticks to this 3-chord, simple-is-best ethos on latest single ‘Detroit’. The song begins with a high energy, distorted guitar riff that continues through the verses and from there the energy never lets up; the only deviation from the simplicity found in Pete Darlington’s guitar solo.

Also borrowed from the punk ethos is the band’s DIY attitude towards recording. Like the rest of Spring King’s debut album ‘Tell Me If You Like To’, ‘Detroit’ is produced by frontman and drummer Tarek Musa. However these are no crackly bedroom recordings – though the band are no stranger to these: drum parts for early material were often recorded in Musa’s bathroom – instead, the song is well produced, making sparing but noticeable use of studio effects, with all tracks clear in the mix.  

 ‘Detroit’ is noticeably more joyful than some of the other tracks featured on ‘Tell Me If You Like To’. Interestingly, this is not necessarily a good thing; Spring King are arguably at their best when there is a little bit of edge, a sense of danger in their playing. Overall, the song doesn’t quite match up to some of their other singles, such as ‘City’ and ‘Who Are You?’, and it may well suffer on the album itself for being placed between these two. However, ‘Detroit’ is still a fun (if slightly throwaway) listen; a quick thrill whose energy carries it through a lack of much musical innovation. Live, one might suspect, in a sweaty, excitable crowd, the song could become a different beast entirely.