On Thursday night, 16th of September, we returned to The Victoria in Swindon to catch hometown heroes Polar Front. After having an advanced listen to their EP,’16916’, we couldn’t wait to hear it live!

To no surprise this talented 3 piece bought in a great crowd, who packed out the floor, eager for their performance! To get the show started they kicked off their set with ‘Saints’, which is the first track on the EP. This track was perfect to get the crowd going, hooking your attention with an explosive and huge atmospheric sound and of course Sophie’s stunning vocals (which were nothing short of faultlessness.)

Next up was ‘Trigger’, which the crowd was itching for, choruses of “Oh I love this one” could be heard throughout the audience! Enticing us with that soft hum before picking up the pace with that catchy electronic sound, vocals and a beat that gets you toe tapping! Us at Spilt Milk love this track!!

Isolated vocals started their cover of ‘Brother’, which instantly made you shut up and listen in awe of Sophie’s voice. A soft start that really emphasised the depth and texture of her voice, before the beat picks up lifting the song into and upbeat feel good song.PF01Lc.jpg

This was followed smoothly with ‘Faded’, a first listen for me, and as soon as that instrumental kicks up a gear into an upbeat track, pulling in those electronic elements again complimented by catchy lyrics that just pull the whole song together!

‘G#’ followed giving us a throwback to the first time we heard it at Wychwood, at the start of summer! The strong beat and good rhythm got the packed out Vic moving along!

After a lot of pleas for an encore, Polar Front ended the set with their cover of ‘Say my name’, which they have effortlessly mashed up with equally popular chart song ‘Hotline Bling’! This was a great way to entertain the masses and end on a sing-along that left everyone in high spirits!

Overall it was a great night, and we are huge fans of ‘16916’, each track is a demanding anthem, and with this new material and their polished identity we reckon Polar Front are bound to take the bigger scene by storm!

Their EP is now out, and available on Spotify so make sure you give it a listen, no doubt you’ll love it!



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