Temples – ‘Certainty’

Two and a half years after their first album Sun Structures, Temples have returned with a teaser from their as yet untitled follow up. This comes in the form of their latest single, ‘Certainty’, which is available to listen to on the band’s Soundcloud.

It’s apparent from the start that Temples are not content with simply rehashing the same formula that brought them success on their debut. ‘Certainty’ retains the trippy psychedelia the band is known for, but the addition of a synthesiser increases the sonic possibilities and makes for a beefier sound – and arguably a more original one. Where Sun Structures was clearly rooted in 60’s guitar music, ‘Certainty’ takes us in a more space-age direction.

After a brief drum intro and the shock of hearing a synthesiser, we are treated to a fantastic, effects laden hook that manages to sound eerie and blissful all at once. Vocally, the song’s melodies and reverb soaked approach is perhaps the closest link to the previous album. Whilst it would be hard to call the verses stripped back, they are in comparison to the chorus, where layer upon layer of sound is added.

This brings us to perhaps the only small criticism of ‘Certainty’ – that in places almost too much is going on. The song is packed with short motifs which appear briefly then disappear, resurfacing maybe once or twice at different points. For the most part these work fine and sound great, but occasionally it is hard to work out exactly what is happening with so many layers on top of each other. Despite this minor quibble, this is an excellent return from Temples.












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