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We recently had the pleasure to catch up with the lovely people in All Ears Avow and they were kind enough to give us this quick interview for you guys to read! Be sure to check them out!  

We love to keep our eye on you guys, and it seems that lately all you’ve been doing is gigging like crazy?! How are you all recovering?

We’d like to say we’re super rock ‘n’ roll and we just brush it off, but nah, we’re bloody knackered! Claire’s had a weeklong hangover. We played 4 shows over the bank holiday weekend, 3 of which were in the same 24 hours, so we’re definitely all feeling it. It’s always great to be out there playing shows though and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Out of all those, which gig has been your favourite?

We headlined The Victoria in Swindon as part of The Swindon Shuffle back on 15th July and that was hands down one of the best shows we’ve done. The atmosphere was amazing and it was really humbling to have such a positive response at one of our favourite venues. We also played an all-dayer at The Cheese and Grain in Frome recently called ‘All Roads Lead to Frome’. That was a great show – wicked venue and an awesome line-up.

So what have you got lined up, we can all be excited for?

As always we have lots going on behind the scenes at the moment, not to mention some wicked shows in the next couple of months. We’re playing Underground Festival at Gloucester Guildhall on 25th September which is going to be insane, plus we’re playing a show at The Corn Exchange in Newbury on 29th October that we’re really looking forward to as well.
We’ll also be announcing something really exciting this coming Friday (9th Sept) so keep your eyes peeled for that!

You’re on the line-up for Underground Festival, are you looking forward to it?

Honestly, we can’t wait! It feels great to be part of such an amazing line-up at such a great venue like The Guildhall. We’re really honoured to have been asked to play this year. Catch us on the Main Stage at 2:10pm on the Sunday.

ng an eye on for at the moment?    What local bands should we be keepi

Our friends in Polar Front are doing great things at the moment. They’re about to drop an EP this month. Be sure to check it out!

What about Side B of ‘Reach’?

Admittedly we’ve stalled a bit over Reach Side B, simply because we have so many great ideas bouncing around at the moment. We’re currently very much in writing mode, trying to put together the best of the best. There will definitely be new music soon, but at the moment we’re still unsure what form it will take.

Anything else…?

We’d just like to say a big thanks to everyone who has been out to see us recently and helped keep us going. Whether you’ve just watched and enjoyed a set, have bought merch from us or hung out and chatted after – it makes a big difference. Huge shout out also to all of the amazing promoters we have worked with and bands that we have shared bills with. You all rule.

These guys just go to show how incredibly dedicated you have to be in the music scene, gigging like crazy, it’s great to see a band with such passion for their music! We cannot wait to see these and so many more great bands on the line-up for Underground Festival this year! We are so spoilt to have so much new music from our local favourites coming out at the moment, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled for Spilt Milk reviews to come!




Spotlight : Beach Baby



We saw Beach Baby bring their summery sound to the main stage at Truck festival this year where we got hooked on their feel good sound. Here is an indie pop band that isn’t afraid of an fx pedal, giving the twang of their guitars that dreamy, beach-y vibe.

Beach Baby have just put out their debut album ‘No Mind No Money’ which includes a mix of chilled, upbeat and energetic tracks that will have you tapping your foot along to their steady beats while you let the sweet vocals take over. Their sound has an almost psychedelic vibe that transports you as their music progresses. You will enjoy Beach Baby – trust me.


Tracks to check out – Limousine + Hot Weather




This weekend we are very excited to be heading down to Butserfest – the UK’s biggest drug and alcohol free festival, which is boasting one of the most exciting line-ups of the summer!

Unfortunately Moose Blood have pulled out, but have since been replaced by The Qemists! We get to see some incredible artists including Mallory Knox, Young Guns, Blood Youth, WSTR, Creeper, Tigress, Casey and so many more!! – as well as some exciting acoustic performances!

See you down the front!!

We have put together a short playlist of some of the best artists playing to get us in the mood! Check it out here –






With Underground Festival fast approaching we’ve decided to take a closer look at the line up! And it’s helped us to discover the gem that is Scottish alternative rock band Fatherson. Fatherson will be performing a high-ranking spot on the main stage, opening for headliners Pretty Vicious.

We have been completely drawn in by their sound and have fallen in love with their music. Fatherson’s tracks boast a big sound, with slow atmospheric build-ups that create a sense of story. This reminds us a little bit of Lonely The Brave mixed with Canterbury – creating an authentic sound. Their tracks layer beautiful riffs with commanding drums and deep bass for a carefully crafted sound that pulls you in and pushes you out again with graceful force. Fatherson are you’re next favourite band.


Tracks to check out: Just Past The Point Of Breaking and Always



Courtney Brock



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