This is a really interesting band, and I can’t put my finger on what drew me to these guys, but whatever it is, I like it!

Pinegrove are an American indie rock band hailing from New Jersey, according to Wikipedia… Their sound definitely fits this label, but I feel that it’s a little less ‘rock’, but is injected with tinges of it. Their sound is layered with beautiful guitar strums; a melodic hum from keys and a drum beat like a heart beat. Their tracks vary in pace, some being slower with a slightly sleepy feeling and others grasping that rock label and pulling in electric guitars with a past tempo. The vocals are raw and evoke emotion, with that American country accent that draws you in. In fact, Pinegrove remind me a little bit of The Tallest Man On Earth, in terms of the sunny, hazy pace and in the vocals for sure – just with a bigger, deeper sound.

Pinegrove are certainly making their mark following a UK and European tour! Be sure to check these guys out, and catch them next time they head over!!!


Tracks to check out : Size Of The Moon, Old Friends and Angelina


words: Courtney Brock


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