Spotlight : New Carnival



How about a bit of guitar fuelled, Bristol based, indie-pop-rock from New Carnival?? Yeah that’s what you need to set your playlist right.

New Carnival present us with tracks that blend indie rock with potent guitar riffs and a pop-py vibe, while also delivering a bass groove that draws you in. Their sound is infectious and toe tapping worthy.

Their driving energy builds through their tracks to create a full sound. The vocals are pretty melodic and soft, creating a contrast against the rasp of the electric guitar. What is there to dislike with these guys? – Nothing.

Live they reflect the mood of their tracks, with energy to match. Recorded they also sound fantastic. So go and check them out if you have any sense!!


Tracks to check out : How Dare You, Sweet Caroline and Where Do You Wanna Go?



Bare Knuckle Parade are a 5-piece indie folk-rock band from Bath who bring a sound like no other to the cobbled streets of Bath.

Their sound combines strong guitar riffs, a folk twang, irresistibly raw vocals and story telling lyrics that produce that perfect uplifting music you just can’t get enough of!

They have recently released a new single ‘Come Alive’ that has the captivating energy and heartfelt lyrics that any alternative rock song should. Boasting their ability to produce a strikingly crafted anthem that has you hooked from the go!

Of course these bearded lads have made our Radar this month due to their crazy touring schedule that bought them to Swindon’s Level 3 and ends at the well-loved Frog & Fiddle on the 25th of this month. So make you that you go catch them for a memorable performance!

This quintet brings a stadium ready sound and I strongly recommend you check them out!




On this months radar due to a strong recommendation, from Misfires Mert, is London lads Luna Bay who we have already fallen in love with!

This four-piece pop rock band is crazy good! Sparkling guitar riffs and gripping melodies underpin what these guys are all about. Sounding almost effortless these guys have nailed it, with enough originality and rawness which is bound to make Luna Bay a crowd pleaser.

Their track ‘Colours’ is the perfect blend of pop rock and indie vibes that ensures that bouncy summery sound with infectious beats and melodic guitar that instantly gets you hooked on their sound. An energetic sound with emotive lyrics combined with demanding guitar results in a catchy track, which many might see comparisons with other bands such as Circa Waves, Coasts and Two Door Cinema Club euphoria!

The only bad thing about these guys is that they only have one track we can listen to!

These lads have so much potential and we can’t wait to hear more from them and hopefully catch them live! I strongly recommend you do the same.

Now stop reading this and go and check out ‘Colours’ !

Thanks Mert for the recommendation!


On the 5th November we were at the O2 Academy in Oxford to see a great line up of talented bands, boasting rock, indie and pop genres. Amongst those bands, headliner and one of Spilt Milk favourites ‘Leader’, for us to be seeing these guys at the O2 Oxford, where we’ve seen some of our favourite bands, was so exciting!! These guys have been working hard for years and we couldn’t wait to see them perform!

To start off the night, first support act to take to the stage was 4-piece rock band, Delirium. Great start to their set with catchy sounds, in particular their second song which had the audience engaged, with that demanding beat, energised rhythm and catchy lyrics “higher higher; my hearts on fire” making this their standout track. Their set consisted of new material like ‘Sometimes’ and a cover of ‘Deadliest Catch’ by Lower Than Atlantis, great song choice but maybe not the sing along these boys has hoped for, with the lead singer even forgetting part of the first verse. The rocky edge to his voice was well suited although distracting at points when he’d be constantly changing the texture of his voice throughout the song. Their sound was good and mostly masked the unfortunate fact that their on stage presence was lacking. Towards the end of the set they played ‘6 Past 2’ which showcased their rocky vibes and re-engaged the crowd.

It’s obvious these boys are passionate about their music but I do feel thy have a long way to go to polish up their act. Hope these guys stick with it; it’ll be good to see how they progress and mature their sound.

Up next were the 4-piece indie Additives, bringing in the crowds these guys raised high expectations. Starting their set with an upbeat track with catchy lyrics ‘break your heart’ that got stuck in your head and had the crowds attention. These guys as a whole were a lot more energized and their on stage chemistry made these guys a good band to catch live! Flowing into their next song, a track with a similar bouncy sound and indie beat that had you involuntarily tapping your foot. Continuing to engage with their crowd these guys were making topical jokes about bonfire night with a snippet of Katy Perry’s ‘Firework’ that had the crowd in a good mood for the rest of their set. Some of the songs that followed really boasted the range of the leads vocals, matched with catchy lyrics, although their sound did feel slightly repetitive. Ending on the strong ‘Too High To Come Down’ ended their set with distinctive guitar and with the lyrics ‘didn’t you notice me’ resounding in your head.14956454_667818823396391_5146968766231883954_n.jpg

The last act before Leader was the incredibly talented Club Drive, and boy are these guys what it says on the tin! With a stage presence and energy that had you dancing from the go, their infectious pop-y sound had the whole crowd moving and singing along to each track. Catchy upbeat tracks, that reminded us of other bands like Walk The Moon, got a great response and even had the crowd clapping along from the first song!

Tracks like ‘Dangerous had you head bopping to that refreshing beat, blended with stunning harmonies that highlighted these guys would sound just as good stripped back. ‘Overthrown’ started off slower building up from that rocky edge, perfectly layering their sound and topping it off with catchy “ooooh oohs” that fuelled the crowd. This was definitely one of my favoite tracks. Ending their set on a high, these guys got that massive applause they deserved. These guys were so charismatic and that reflected on the crowd who were having an absolute blast! I don’t know what I expected from these guys but I was so impressed, and these guys were perfectly placed on the line-up to introduce that high energy that set the tone for the rest of the night.


To no surprise local band, Leader had the floor packed out with the crowds wooing eagerly in anticipation for them to take to the stage!
These guys kicked off the show perfectly, hooking your attention with enticing guitar and a great on stage presence that mirrored their catchy sound with hints of influence from Lonely The Brave. Flowing into their second track with strong vocals and catchy lyrics “take it back” that were lifted by their full sound. Other tracks slowed the pace slightly with softer vocals that made for a good sing-along, whilst up keeping those energetic slices that emphasized the tight chemistry the band have. A set full of tracks that boasted just how good these guys are, layered sound with some additions of keyboard and harmonised vocals to add depth to that already well balanced sound. ‘The Way You Do’ bought something different to the set with softer acoustic guitar that had every inch of my attention on that beautiful rhythm; a sing along to the chorus that proved how big their fan base already is, and a guitar breakdown made this a standout track for me. Up next was thier new single, ‘Chasing You’, catchy guitar and a dance-ier beat had the crowds going crazy and they weren’t the only ones, with the band pogo-jumping non-stop! After a leaving the stage for a couple of minutes, the crowd were religiously chanting for Leader to re-join the stage for their encore the track that started up with instant clapping and a sing-along throughout! What a strong way to end their set.

Leader are hitting the scene hard this time and with a fanbase this big already it can only grow with their touring and new infectious tracks.

Overall these guys were incredible! A well polished delivery and upbeat set that hooked the crowd’s attention from the start, I enjoyed every second of their it and will definitely be seeing them live again!




Imagine if you could buy and album which features all of your favourite local artists and which will donate the money to a fantastic cause… Well imagine no more because that is exactly what you can get thanks to a collaboration between Dan Walton and Atkins Management!!

‘Beacon’ is a charity album featuring tracks from Popular Music Students at the University of Gloucestershire including; Ben Cipolla, All Ears Avow, Ten Tombs, Sahara Breeze and so many more!!

All of the money raised through the album’s release will be donated directly to the charity ‘Musicians without Borders’. The charity supports communities to develop skills and talents, process grief and loss, and build bridges of reconciliation in areas divided by recent or ongoing conflict. You can find out more about the charity and their work here-

‘Beacon’ will be available exclusively via Bandcamp on 11th November 2016. Those who wish to support the album will be able to donate an amount of their choosing in return for a digital copy of the 19-track-album. We encourage people to be generous with their donations and help raise money for a great cause.

So please do donate generously to support such a great cause AND get some brilliant tracks to listen to too!!

The album is available for pre-order here: songs-in-aid-of-musicians-without-borders



If we haven’t convinced you yet then check out the full track list;

1.)  The Twitchers – Look Out

2.)  Bobby Scaife – Camera Shy

3.)  Katie Collins – Drum, Drum, Drum

4.)  All Ears Avow – Better Now

5.)  Sahara Breeze – Deep

6.)  Demi Marriner – Learn To Love

7.)  Ben Cipolla – Nothing Makes Me Wanna Die

8.)  Ten Tombs – Fuzzy

9.)  Dan Walton – Middletown

10.)  Harry Daniels – Lately

11.)  Marnie Jacobsen- Before The Sun

12.)  Jack Cooper – Move With The Seasons

13.)  Saul Blease – Hollow

14.)  Joshua Kinghorn – Gladiator

15.)  Jazzy Heath – My Spirit’s Free

16.)  The Moa Beats – Polly

17.)  Maxine Stacey, Melissa Grace & Marnie Jacobsen – Days Without You

18.)  Sioux Falls – I Fell Faster

19.)  Greg Picott – DW About It




Wakefield is home to the greatly talented 4-piece indie rock band, The Spills, who were signed to Alcopop! Records last year!

These lads introduce the perfect blend of sublime and relaxed vibes, complimented with raw vocals and an exciting dash of angry rock. We can’t get enough! Layered beautifully, their menacing beats, dynamic guitar and heart felt vocals really make these guys a stand out band. The way that they alter their sound through the changing lead vocals is genius, allowing them to go from soft and chilled to that gritty rock-ier sound really boasts their potential.

The Spills are also releasing their cleverly titled new EP ‘All Spiller, No Filler’ on 18th November via Alcopop! Records / Philophobia Music, can’t wait!

Not only are these guys releasing an EP but they also have some live gigs line-up! Don’t miss them at Level 3, Swindon on the 11th !!

Check out tracks: ‘Floyd’, ‘Atomic Arabian Facebuster’, ‘Summer Vibes’