Wakefield is home to the greatly talented 4-piece indie rock band, The Spills, who were signed to Alcopop! Records last year!

These lads introduce the perfect blend of sublime and relaxed vibes, complimented with raw vocals and an exciting dash of angry rock. We can’t get enough! Layered beautifully, their menacing beats, dynamic guitar and heart felt vocals really make these guys a stand out band. The way that they alter their sound through the changing lead vocals is genius, allowing them to go from soft and chilled to that gritty rock-ier sound really boasts their potential.

The Spills are also releasing their cleverly titled new EP ‘All Spiller, No Filler’ on 18th November via Alcopop! Records / Philophobia Music, can’t wait!

Not only are these guys releasing an EP but they also have some live gigs line-up! Don’t miss them at Level 3, Swindon on the 11th !!

Check out tracks: ‘Floyd’, ‘Atomic Arabian Facebuster’, ‘Summer Vibes’


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