Imagine if you could buy and album which features all of your favourite local artists and which will donate the money to a fantastic cause… Well imagine no more because that is exactly what you can get thanks to a collaboration between Dan Walton and Atkins Management!!

‘Beacon’ is a charity album featuring tracks from Popular Music Students at the University of Gloucestershire including; Ben Cipolla, All Ears Avow, Ten Tombs, Sahara Breeze and so many more!!

All of the money raised through the album’s release will be donated directly to the charity ‘Musicians without Borders’. The charity supports communities to develop skills and talents, process grief and loss, and build bridges of reconciliation in areas divided by recent or ongoing conflict. You can find out more about the charity and their work here-

‘Beacon’ will be available exclusively via Bandcamp on 11th November 2016. Those who wish to support the album will be able to donate an amount of their choosing in return for a digital copy of the 19-track-album. We encourage people to be generous with their donations and help raise money for a great cause.

So please do donate generously to support such a great cause AND get some brilliant tracks to listen to too!!

The album is available for pre-order here: songs-in-aid-of-musicians-without-borders



If we haven’t convinced you yet then check out the full track list;

1.)  The Twitchers – Look Out

2.)  Bobby Scaife – Camera Shy

3.)  Katie Collins – Drum, Drum, Drum

4.)  All Ears Avow – Better Now

5.)  Sahara Breeze – Deep

6.)  Demi Marriner – Learn To Love

7.)  Ben Cipolla – Nothing Makes Me Wanna Die

8.)  Ten Tombs – Fuzzy

9.)  Dan Walton – Middletown

10.)  Harry Daniels – Lately

11.)  Marnie Jacobsen- Before The Sun

12.)  Jack Cooper – Move With The Seasons

13.)  Saul Blease – Hollow

14.)  Joshua Kinghorn – Gladiator

15.)  Jazzy Heath – My Spirit’s Free

16.)  The Moa Beats – Polly

17.)  Maxine Stacey, Melissa Grace & Marnie Jacobsen – Days Without You

18.)  Sioux Falls – I Fell Faster

19.)  Greg Picott – DW About It



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