On this months radar due to a strong recommendation, from Misfires Mert, is London lads Luna Bay who we have already fallen in love with!

This four-piece pop rock band is crazy good! Sparkling guitar riffs and gripping melodies underpin what these guys are all about. Sounding almost effortless these guys have nailed it, with enough originality and rawness which is bound to make Luna Bay a crowd pleaser.

Their track ‘Colours’ is the perfect blend of pop rock and indie vibes that ensures that bouncy summery sound with infectious beats and melodic guitar that instantly gets you hooked on their sound. An energetic sound with emotive lyrics combined with demanding guitar results in a catchy track, which many might see comparisons with other bands such as Circa Waves, Coasts and Two Door Cinema Club euphoria!

The only bad thing about these guys is that they only have one track we can listen to!

These lads have so much potential and we can’t wait to hear more from them and hopefully catch them live! I strongly recommend you do the same.

Now stop reading this and go and check out ‘Colours’ !

Thanks Mert for the recommendation!

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