Spotlight : Pretty Vicious


We were lucky enough to catch Pretty Vicious headline Underground Festival back in September and we were blown away by their energetic and frenzied set. Since then we have been truly hooked on their sound.

Pretty Vicious are a rock four piece from Merthyr Tydfil in Wales and their facebook boasts an award for ‘most attractive band in the world’. We could question the validity of this award but we won’t… They are also signed to major label – Virgin EMI! Of course this proves just how exciting this young band are.

Their sound has been compare to that of early Arctic Monkeys and The Libertines with a ‘shot of adrenaline’ and a bit more grit. They are a band that you should turn up LOUD. Their sound brags a wall of tearing guitars and tenacious drums mixed with vocals that drip with attitude. The power of their sound translated on a recorded track and booms when performed live. If you haven’t checked out Pretty Vicious already then do it straight away! These guys are certainly ones to catch live!!


Tracks to check out : ‘Blister’, ‘Cave Song’ and ‘It’s Always There’


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