Spotlight : October Drift


Now that I am thinking about it, I’m not entirely sure how I came to welcome October Drift into my Spotify playlist…but I am sure as hell glad that they are there.

October Drift are an alternative four piece and their sound dips in and out of genres, comprising a fuzzy indie with rock hailing guitars and commanding drums. They only appeared on the scene in 2015 and have since built a name for themselves through relentless gigging and word of mouth – here is a live band for you.

As mentioned, their tracks are designed to be live and you can feel this surge through each one. The layers of guitar build with power – dropping out to allow you to feel the vocals through verses – then ripping back into choruses. This teamed with the powerful drive from the urgent drums creates a big sound. Turn these guys up to see what I mean. The vocals ascend with an almost dreamy, fuzzy feel to them; sounding somewhere a bit typically shoegaze-y and also lingers around the sound of bands such as Lusts and Echo and the bunnymen.

I have yet to catch these guys live yet, but I feel like my late discovery has left me missing out. Hopefully this will be a band to catch in the New Year. I see big things for October Drift. Their sound is captivating, and I can only expect them to be even better live. They also have a great way of branding themselves and seem really together – judging from their social media and the tight sound of their tracks, October Drift seem to know who they are and what they want. I look forward to seeing what is next for these boys…


Tracks to check out : ‘Cherry Red’, ‘Champagne’ and ‘You Are, You Are’


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