You may remember back in September we had the pleasure of attending Underground festival in Gloucester, which presented us with some of the UK’s most up-and-coming and exciting artists! One that made a huge impression on us was the synth drenched indie pop foursome – NYTCLUB, and they have recently put out an incredibly catchy track for our listening pleasure. It’s literally been on repeat at Spilt Milk HQ and NYTCLUB are quickly becoming one of our favourite emerging bands, AND they are definitely ones to watch in 2017. This is what we think of the track – ‘
Call Your Friends’…

The intro builds slowly, with a hum of different sounds. What this track does very well is blend sounds influenced from several genres.

The layers of sounds start to build the energy and the track starts to buzz. Layering the bass, synth and drums gives the track depth and a driving force. The verse strips back the layers and showcases the vocals, planting the lyrics in your mind before bursting into the bridge with an extremely catchy beat. Then into a euphoric and explosive chorus, where the energy is infectious and will have you dancing along to this track! The lyrics are catchy too so you’ll be singing along in no time. The verses pull those layers away, stripping down then building them back up again to create a fuller sound. This track is like a rollercoaster – it’s fast paced and exciting. It peaks and dips – boasting big sounds that burst with energy then pulling everything back to show off the vocals and each individual sound!
Call Your Friends is bouncy and fun, and a great addition to your New Years’ playlist, sounding just as powerful recorded as it does live. The blend of genres that come together in this track appeal to everyone. I guess I could summarise it something like: elated electric-synth-hip-hop driven pop, brushed with an indie finish. Call Your Friends is unique, fresh and exciting and will have you grooving along in no time. It really makes you want to Call Your Friends round and have a party with them to this track. (See what I did there???)



Check our ‘Call Your Friends’ over on Spotify and then buy it on iTunes! And while you are there you can check out some more sick tracks from NYTCLUB !!




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