When I was asked if I would be interested in reviewing ‘Hiding From Sunlight’, the second EP from Spilt Milk regulars Ten Tombs, I was hugely excited. Naturally being a fan of their debut, I couldn’t wait to hear what the Tombs’ boys have been up to for this new release! Here is what Spilt Milk HQ thought of the new EP…

The first track ‘Into The Heart’ jumps in with two feet. You are confronted with an explosion of energy; layers of guitars and a rapid beat creating a huge sound making a very strong start to the track and to the EP in all. This peaks and dips its way through the track, never dropping the energy, yet pulling back enough to let Dom’s raw vocals pour through, adding another dimension to the track. The chorus bursts in and is extremely catchy, I immediately recognise it from live shows. It carries the same power both live and recorded making for a strong track and a statement on this EP.

Next up is the familiar ‘Saccharine’, which has a recently released music video that has found it’s way around social media becoming pretty popular amongst fans! This track sounds like the next era in Ten Tombs music, showing how much they have developed in a short space of time. The intro draws you in with its fast pace and sweet sound that reflects the title. The verses will get you moving as they build towards chorus that grabs you and will no doubt spark wonderful chaos at a Ten Tombs gig. The track peaks towards the end with a guitar solo that erupts with authority and drive! This proves to us what Ten Tombs are about.

‘Death In California’ pulls the EP to a darker place. This is a track known to fans of Ten Tombs and generally opens mosh pits in unlikely places. The deep hum from the bass riff is powerful and enough to captivate you. Dom’s vocals start softer, still tainted with a certain rawness before upping the passion as the chorus powers through. This track showcases impressive guitar work that gives this track body and vitality. This is a track that really impresses live, but recorded sounds just as dominant. I consider this to be a statement track on this EP.

Lastly comes a track that feels like it’s bounced straight off of a festival stage. Mainly because it does bring back memories of getting sunburnt at Wychwood Festival… ‘Hole In The Water’ is significantly more upbeat and playful than the previous tracks, which makes it stand out. I always remember Spilt Milk contributor Lily Maggs describing this track as putting her in mind of nostalgic summers, driving around with the car roof down blasting this track out. And I feel like that is the vibe that ‘Hole In The Water’ conveys. Yet it still holds those elements that we love about Ten Tombs – raw guitars that carry the track, a strong beat that gets you moving and grunge tinted vocals.

Overall Ten Tombs have done extremely well with ‘Hiding From Sunlight’. It’s clearly been very well produced, sounding polished and perfected. It showcases every aspect of Ten Tombs that makes them unique, from deeper tracks to bouncy happy ones – every track sounds different to the last but it still flows particularly well! There is one thing missing for me though, and that would be a track as strong as ‘Keep’, from the debut EP ‘If You Keep Me, I’m Yours’. I know that I love that track so much, so it could be hard to top – but it’s because it’s so powerful and so gripping. Despite that this EP is still sick as!! Showcasing the best of Ten Tombs, you can hear the huge development of their music surge through this EP. Check out ‘Hiding From Sunlight’ – released on Feb the 1st!






Courtney Brock


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