Now, it’s fair to say that I am quite a fan of Spilt Milk regulars, Misfires. Their bouncy indie sound draws influence from all of the indie rock greats and they are wasting no time in getting themselves known on the local scene. After pretty much taking over Swindon and selling out local shows with complete ease, they have pushed forward to begin to take the rest of the UK by storm. Landing themselves a nice support slot on tour with The Sherlocks, as well as hitting a headline show at Rough Trade Records in Nottingham.

On Monday the 13th of February Misfires put out brand new single ‘Come On Over’ and at a first listen – I am impressed. Spilt Milk have supported Misfires from a fairly early stage and each track they put out gets better and better. ‘Come On Over’ showcases their developing sound and proves that these guys are working hard.

As an avid indie-rock-band-listener, this track ticks all the boxes for a quintessential indie track for me. It carries youthful exuberance that follows in the lyrics too, surging guitar hooks, a rhythm to get you moving and a catchy chorus to get a room full teenagers shouting the lyrics to the ceiling. The layers of guitars create a sweet melody that contrast with the raw vocals, making Misfires an exciting and refreshing indie band. This is a commanding track that bursts with festival vibes and feels like it would be a fantastic start to a debut album! Their overall sound plus the energy that Misfires pour into their music is reminiscent of the late Viola Beach. Misfires could well be on their way to getting noticed by the right people, with a fan base big enough to crowd-surf them to the top.

Be sure to check out ‘Come On Over’ out on Youtube now! It’s a fun track that’s super catchy and very well put together!

Catch Misfires on tour:

15th February, Rough Trade Records, Nottingham

17th February, Thekla, Bristol, Sherlocks support (SOLD OUT)

21st February, Hope & Ruin, Brighton

24th February, Sub89, Reading, Sherlocks support

25th February, The Horn, St Albans, Sherlocks support (SOLD OUT)

11th March, Zanzibar, Liverpool



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