So if like me, you’re tired of the freezing cold-overcast weather and are longing for the sun to make an appearance (for longer then a day) then I have the prefect solution for you! This band are the antidote, with a feel good sound that is bound to break apart those clouds and give you those well-needed summery vibes.

Swindon/Marlborough based- Break Glass To Open is a four-piece indie band. On our radar after they recently supported Misfires at The Victoria, Swindon earlier this month.

Their indie flare captures that infectious plucky guitar with upbeat rhythms and lyrics that are bound to get live audiences singing along.

Their recent EP-‘Your Embrace’ was released July last year, and on first listen I must admit – I was hooked. Indie lover or not, for high-spirited guitar riffs, enticing melodies and catchy choruses that’ll be stuck in your head, it’s well worth a listen.

Feel good sound captured perfectly in tracks like Your Embrace hit you with that nostalgic feeling- with slight hints of early Arctic Monkeys, is sure to get you moving. ‘X2’ brings catchy lyrics that would melt any hopeless romantics heart with words like “ I want to hold you til the end of time, I do…. Oh darling I love you.” Combine that with a memorable indie guitar riff and foot tapping beat and it’s safe to say you’ll be hooked on this one.

Check out: ‘Your Embrace’ and ‘X2’





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