You are probably already more than aware of indie legends Mystery Jets, but are you aware of bassist, Jack Flanagan’s, dreamy indie solo project – Bunny??

If you aren’t then you definitely should be.

Rearing its floppy-eared head on social media, Jack shared the first track from his project ‘These Days This City’, giving us a hazy taste of what’s yet to come.

Opening with a mysterious sort of hum before breaking through to a chirpy two-chord motif witch creates a refreshing simplicity around the track. This fairly happy-go-lucky feel contrasts with the weary lyrical content, which is delivered beautifully by Jack and the vocals are brimming with character. Lines like ‘It’s hard to be chill, when you feel so blue’ set the somnolent tone that hums throughout the track, juxtaposing with the airy upbeat musical content. It feels like that is what makes this track feel special. The lyrics resonate and spark with that dull weight of feeling generally quite down.

A lot of music does push miserable lyrics up against upbeat tracks, but ‘These Days This City’ is stripped back and humble, which sets it apart. It doesn’t pretend to be anything that it isn’t. ‘These Days This City’ takes you on a melancholy walk through a dreamy, uplifting track.


Check it out on Soundcloud now! And be sure to catch Bunny some time soon too!



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