So I’ve had this delightful little EP to review this month. A new release from Birmingham based trio, The Real Cool, entitled ‘WAYBACK!’ And this is a band that are what it says on the tin – real cool. They have already landed support slots under some pretty exciting emerging artists such as Clay, Native People and Pixel fix. Their sound is a sort of nostalgic pop that is super current yet yearns for its roots in soft 80’s synth.

The EP opens with title track ‘WAY BACK!’ which opens up the clouds and brings the summer. It’s sound is carefree and vibrant. Can I say this; this EP is dripping with influence from The 1975. Which I like a lot. The pace is fairly slow which eases you into that laid-back mood as the vocals take over sounding controlled beautifully as well as sounding somewhat effortless. This track is an excellent start to the EP and an introduction to The Real Cool.

‘Home’ is the second track which flows nicely from the first. It carries the same sunny vibes, showcasing a mix of FX tainted guitars and synth power. This track sounds even more like The 1975 than the first especially, in the vocals and lyrical content, yet picks up influences from other artists that layer their sound up like this, such as CHVRCHES. The pace picks up through this track and will definitely win over a crowd.

The last track bursts in with a pop from the off – ‘Blinds’. The energy in this track has been upped significantly and again platforms glorious guitars to get you moving. Layering up more electric sounds, with a groovier bass riff and an infectious beat! This is a track to get you dancing around your bedroom for sure.

Overall I really enjoyed this EP. It definitely pays homage to its influences yet it’s refreshing. I feel like The Real Cool are certainly ones to watch, and this EP acts as a strong introduction to them as artists. GO CHECK OUT ‘WAYBACK!’ ON ITUNES AND SPOTIFY!!


iTunes: https://itun.es/gb/DKMsib
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6suDYFLWXgn0zAqq0nV81




We headed down to every local’s favourite, The Vic, for an indie kids dream of a line-up, boasting talent that covers all aspects of the bouncy indie genre that we love.

17191953_728690693975870_8018366265210801680_o-1.jpgFirst up for us was Break Glass To Open, who we recently wrote a radar piece on (for our latest issue), and we were rather excited to hear them live!

Great start to their set with ‘Your Embrace’, a track from their new release, which bought high-spirited guitar riffs and a bouncy sound that the crowd loved from the go. Sandwiched between upbeat tracks- a slower song engages a softer approach that had crowds swaying leading up to that demanding drum beat that saw them clapping before commencing a catchy and high energy chorus. Their set got the crowd of teenagers moving and singing their hearts out to every track.

Including that ever so infectious and catchy chorus that you’ll find in ‘X2’- that had even me singing along! All eyes on the harmony from the bassist and guitarist, pushing a fuller sound, not only is this a standout track recorded but it’s brilliant and feel good live too!

It’s obvious these guys have a sound that engages with an audience, their newer tracks seem to shine through with a more perfected dynamic- but overall a great set with high energy throughout which kicked off our night dreamily and paved the way for Misfires.



Misfires opens with the high energy and incredibly popular ‘Going Out’ that boasted a lively atmosphere and almost instantly the crowd were singing along- front man Matt needn’t try, it’s obvious these guys were hardcore fans that knew every word off by heart. The chorus exploded and along with it a room full of kids jumping and clapping religiously- it was insane.

As girls in matching outfits, glitter and Misfires merch surrounded me, all singing their hearts out, sweat soaked from dancing and screaming their love for the band, the incredible realization of how big these guys were getting sunk in. You almost forgot you were at your local venue- with members of the audience climbing eachothers shoulders, guys falling to sides to recover from their ‘mosh injuries’, and with all eyes fixed solely on the band it was like you were at a 02 Academy where your favourite band was playing… absolute teenage carnage.

Repetitive catchy lyrics and bouncy energy throughout make these guys an easy feel good fix. That memorable circa waves influenced guitar kicked off- bringing the start of ‘22’, melodic and powerful with the lyrics “it’s fine, it’s fine, you’re only acting 22” that were left stuck in my head all night. It’s fair to say the energy surged for this indie anthem.

Continuing with ‘Come on Over’ and ‘Indie Kids’ that followed with consistently bouncy sound and raw vocals. A dance-y rhythm and exploding energy saw the crowds battling on the floor for space to jump- as somehow even more people joined the venue. The band at this point gave permission for people to join them on stage- and the girls certainly didn’t miss this chance to get even closer to the band (understandably it was short lived) but it just shows what these boys are all about. Breaking the rules to show thier appreciation for their fans. Also taking the chance to show love for their support with a chant for “Kevin and the vandals” that broke out! Reactions like this made it easy for the night to fly by and before you knew it they were onto their last song, ‘Tonight’ that started with a clap along and had all ages dancing to this upbeat and perfectly place track. That full energetic sound eased out slightly before punching in with twice as much energy for that last time. The end of their set saw a room of sweaty and thrilled teenagers head straight to the merch table for photos and 1-1 time with the band members.

It’s so good to see how far these guys have come from their early days when we saw them perform Folly Fest to now; packing out the Vic with a loyal and excited fan base who clearly worshipped these boys. We are big fans of their material and live- these guys always exceed our high expectations.

These guys have worked hard to get themselves to where they are, and are stepping up majorly in the scene, having recently supported The Sherlocks on some of their tour dates. Their passion is clear throughout their music and we only see bigger things coming their way!


Photos by Courtney Brock

Into The Ark on The Voice UK!


So while enjoying some sunday night television I couldn’t help but notice these lovely lads gracing the screen on The Voice!

We caught Into The Ark at underground festival last year and they were fantastic, and so friendly to chat to after their set. Tonight they got even further on the Voice and performed an ace cover of ‘Hold On, We’re Going Home’ by Drake.

Make sure you check them out, catch them live and tune in to the Voice to hear more!


Hailing from Birmingham, Coast To Coast channel engaging energy and emotions into sincere pop punk. This 5 piece have nailed a sound that molds raw vocals, tight melodies and honest lyrics – the perfect formula for an addictive, quintessential pop-punk sound that has got me completely addicted!

‘Post Graduation’ is the lead single from Coast To Coats’ upcoming EP – ‘The Length of a Smile’ – which will be released on the 24th March via Fox Records. The track’s lyrics are particularly clever and portray a raw honesty, resonating with those of us that are university graduates too! With lyrics that reflect on the greater life that we led as students, highlighting the “list of people I’ve left behind” and realising just how much you take your parents for granted.

Not only do their lyrics engage with you emotionally, but their sound also pulls influence from artists such as Boston Manor, a whole host of ‘generic pop-punk’ artists, and hints of ‘old school’ Lower Than Atlantis that brings on a sense of nostalgia.

Reading about these guys online pulls up comments about the vocals being ‘jarring’ and unusual and generally not following suit in the pop-punk genre – but we feel that this is what makes Coast To Coast so refreshing and allows them to stand out. It’s not often that you don’t hear a phony American accent spread across lead vocals in typically pop-punk tracks.

I am genuinely so glad that I found this band – and I can guarantee anyone that “relies on their student loans” or doesn’t know “where the fuck am I meant to be” can take solace in Coast to Coast’s infectious choruses and heartfelt words.

So make sure you keep your eyes and ears out for the forthcoming EP – “The Length of a Smile” – available 24th March! Also catch them live supporting Decade in Birmingham! Coast To Coast have previously supported a wealth of incredible artists including Trashboat, Wstr and Seaway. These boys had better gear up for a great year, cause they sure as hell deserve it.

Tracks to listen to: “Post Graduation”, “Heredity” and “Cornerstone”



It’s clear that Swindon is brimming with talent in the alt rock genre, and if you’ve somehow missed out on your pop rock fill for today then let me help. It’d be surprising if you haven’t already heard of With Ghosts- a 4-piece pop punk/rock band and local favourite, as they are constantly on the road, having recently finished a tour with As The Sun Sleeps.

With Ghosts brings the best of pop rock- bold choruses, great songwriting and distinguished vocals that set them apart from other bands in this genre. Guitar fueled sound (with hints of Go Radio) combined with foot tapping beats and refreshing vocals.

They have also recently released a new single ‘Eyes Wide Open’ that has mastered the pop rock sound with captivating energy, catchy well thought-out lyrics and dynamic guitar.

With already having earnt themselves support slots for well-known artists like Decade, Gnarwolves and Moose Blood it’s clear these boys are working hard and pushing for more. Recording new music, gigging like mad and with great engagement from fans- it’s clear these guys have so much potential.

Check out tracks: ‘Eyes Wide Open’ and ‘Bury Me’