It’s clear that Swindon is brimming with talent in the alt rock genre, and if you’ve somehow missed out on your pop rock fill for today then let me help. It’d be surprising if you haven’t already heard of With Ghosts- a 4-piece pop punk/rock band and local favourite, as they are constantly on the road, having recently finished a tour with As The Sun Sleeps.

With Ghosts brings the best of pop rock- bold choruses, great songwriting and distinguished vocals that set them apart from other bands in this genre. Guitar fueled sound (with hints of Go Radio) combined with foot tapping beats and refreshing vocals.

They have also recently released a new single ‘Eyes Wide Open’ that has mastered the pop rock sound with captivating energy, catchy well thought-out lyrics and dynamic guitar.

With already having earnt themselves support slots for well-known artists like Decade, Gnarwolves and Moose Blood it’s clear these boys are working hard and pushing for more. Recording new music, gigging like mad and with great engagement from fans- it’s clear these guys have so much potential.

Check out tracks: ‘Eyes Wide Open’ and ‘Bury Me’



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