Hailing from Birmingham, Coast To Coast channel engaging energy and emotions into sincere pop punk. This 5 piece have nailed a sound that molds raw vocals, tight melodies and honest lyrics – the perfect formula for an addictive, quintessential pop-punk sound that has got me completely addicted!

‘Post Graduation’ is the lead single from Coast To Coats’ upcoming EP – ‘The Length of a Smile’ – which will be released on the 24th March via Fox Records. The track’s lyrics are particularly clever and portray a raw honesty, resonating with those of us that are university graduates too! With lyrics that reflect on the greater life that we led as students, highlighting the “list of people I’ve left behind” and realising just how much you take your parents for granted.

Not only do their lyrics engage with you emotionally, but their sound also pulls influence from artists such as Boston Manor, a whole host of ‘generic pop-punk’ artists, and hints of ‘old school’ Lower Than Atlantis that brings on a sense of nostalgia.

Reading about these guys online pulls up comments about the vocals being ‘jarring’ and unusual and generally not following suit in the pop-punk genre – but we feel that this is what makes Coast To Coast so refreshing and allows them to stand out. It’s not often that you don’t hear a phony American accent spread across lead vocals in typically pop-punk tracks.

I am genuinely so glad that I found this band – and I can guarantee anyone that “relies on their student loans” or doesn’t know “where the fuck am I meant to be” can take solace in Coast to Coast’s infectious choruses and heartfelt words.

So make sure you keep your eyes and ears out for the forthcoming EP – “The Length of a Smile” – available 24th March! Also catch them live supporting Decade in Birmingham! Coast To Coast have previously supported a wealth of incredible artists including Trashboat, Wstr and Seaway. These boys had better gear up for a great year, cause they sure as hell deserve it.

Tracks to listen to: “Post Graduation”, “Heredity” and “Cornerstone”



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