So I’ve had this delightful little EP to review this month. A new release from Birmingham based trio, The Real Cool, entitled ‘WAYBACK!’ And this is a band that are what it says on the tin – real cool. They have already landed support slots under some pretty exciting emerging artists such as Clay, Native People and Pixel fix. Their sound is a sort of nostalgic pop that is super current yet yearns for its roots in soft 80’s synth.

The EP opens with title track ‘WAY BACK!’ which opens up the clouds and brings the summer. It’s sound is carefree and vibrant. Can I say this; this EP is dripping with influence from The 1975. Which I like a lot. The pace is fairly slow which eases you into that laid-back mood as the vocals take over sounding controlled beautifully as well as sounding somewhat effortless. This track is an excellent start to the EP and an introduction to The Real Cool.

‘Home’ is the second track which flows nicely from the first. It carries the same sunny vibes, showcasing a mix of FX tainted guitars and synth power. This track sounds even more like The 1975 than the first especially, in the vocals and lyrical content, yet picks up influences from other artists that layer their sound up like this, such as CHVRCHES. The pace picks up through this track and will definitely win over a crowd.

The last track bursts in with a pop from the off – ‘Blinds’. The energy in this track has been upped significantly and again platforms glorious guitars to get you moving. Layering up more electric sounds, with a groovier bass riff and an infectious beat! This is a track to get you dancing around your bedroom for sure.

Overall I really enjoyed this EP. It definitely pays homage to its influences yet it’s refreshing. I feel like The Real Cool are certainly ones to watch, and this EP acts as a strong introduction to them as artists. GO CHECK OUT ‘WAYBACK!’ ON ITUNES AND SPOTIFY!!


iTunes: https://itun.es/gb/DKMsib
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/6suDYFLWXgn0zAqq0nV81



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