Now we know how much we love and appreciate All Ears Avow and it seems that all the local bands and fans we talk to would highly recommend them as well. Of course this comes as no surprise, the band are truly passionate about music and work bloody hard in all they do- managing to fit gigging like crazy into their routines which, alone, is nothing short of impressive. And somehow in the year since EP ‘Reach’ and a hectic schedule they’ve managed to write a brand new (and highly anticipated) EP- titled ‘Edge Of This’!!!

This EP will definitely a marker in their musical career, acting as a strong continuation from ‘Reach’ it combines mastered structure, contagious choruses (one after another!) and demanding instrumentation.

‘Caged’ begins with strong guitar and vocal echoes that follow with a demanding drum beat (which reminds me of the intro for Underdog by You Me At Six) that is bound to instantly grab your attention. A track that will have your whole body moving, and potentially even head-banging nearer the end, makes this the perfect introduction to this EP, whilst also proving a bold and popular track live aswell!

Flowing nicely from that is the second track, ‘Gone’ which brings together a punchy guitar, demanding beat and passionate lyrics for a confident sound. This track is a great addition to their lives set aswell with great harmonies and catchy lyrics.

Edgy and energized guitar lines outline a great vocal range and harmonies that pour into this track. Upbeat and infectious- this track, ‘Hurricane’ is refreshing and upbeat, placed perfectly in the EP.

A stripped back intro invites you into ‘Just For Me’, with a pop-ier beat and softer vocals follows a rocky guitar that dips in and out. Returning to the vocals before a motivating groove completely takes over, and you can’t help but move to its contagious sound. Highlighting their memorable songwriting the lyrics, “it’s my fault, it got old..” in this track never fail to get stuck in my head. This track perfectly interlaces a pop-ier beat, layered guitar, catchy vocals and groovy baseline, making this a standout track and my personal favourite.

Next up is title track ‘Edge Of This’ which starts with a memorable guitar riff (and Don Broco vibes) that then fades into the background as the vocals and drums kick in. A full sound and a significant riff that continues to crop up throughout the track, brings that anthem ready sound that reminds me of the feeling I got when I’d listen to their previous track ‘Tongue Tied’.

Ending with a softer and slower track, ‘The Middle’, with punchy guitar that keeps you engaged and focused on the beautiful vocals. Even after a first listen I loved this track, differentiating from the others to emphasise just how well rounded these guys are. Sweet melody and stunning vocals compare to tracks like ‘Waves’ by Tonight Alive.

We’ve seen these guys develop from their early stages with ‘Home’ and it’s so easy to see how far they’ve progressed musically. Their recent EP ‘Reach’ showcased a mature and more contemporary sound; with catchy choruses and layered sounds that were nailed in ‘Get in the Game’ all seem to gel together and create this beautifully produced new EP.

From the high standards that Reach bought, its crazy how they’ve still hit the mark with a whole lease of new material that showcases their very own brand of alt rock that we can’t get enough of.

This EP and what I hope it’ll bring for All Ears Avow seriously excites me.



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