NEED SOMETHING TO GET YOU IN THE MOOD FOR SLAM DUNK THIS WEEKEND???? Well then you’re in luck, we’ve only gone and made a sick playlist to do just that! CHECK IT OUT!!









We have recently been treated to the release of not just ONE, but TWO brand new tracks from Kevin And The Vandals! We recently caught the end of their set at The Vic, supporting local favourites, Misfires. And since then we couldn’t wait to hear more from these lads, so it’s safe to say that these tracks have made a welcome addition to our playlists.

‘Maybe’ is the first track, and it embodies underground indie rock at its best. It brings us gritty and raw guitar riffs paired with boyish vocals to build melodies that become incredibly catchy. Layering this with an urgent beat and the hum from bass guitar to give the track a deeper sound. This track is nicely put together, building the energy and dropping it to keep you engaged, then reaching to a full sound that satisfies your ears. It feels simple and not over complicated, allowing the raw passion from KATV to leak through. It’s a good track, but not quite a staple for these boys, I feel like there are bigger things to come.

These bigger things take form in ‘Scapegoat’ – which has proved to be my favourite of these new tracks. This track has a fuller bodied sound with captivating riffs and tumbling drum beats. It’s not as simplified as ‘Maybe’ which makes it feel as if it’s been pushed that little bit further. ‘Scapegoat’ is more urgent which makes it stand out. It presents the same boyish vocals, which have a hint more passion behind them. It feels tighter and well crafted; yet still hold onto a gritty and raw sound that is there in ‘Maybe’.

Together these tracks show us what Kevin And The Vandals are all about, they’re strong and exciting and we can’t wait to hear them live! Be sure to check these guys out because they’re onto something good.




Misfires have got all eyes on them currently with announcement after announcement of all good things. If they aren’t supporting up and coming artists, like The Hunna, joining artists like Pretty Vicious on festival line ups, or touring relentlessly, they are dropping new tracks to share with their growing fan base. Like brand new track – ‘Tonight’. This is what we thought of it…

From the go of the first listen I could tell that this is going to be a huge tune for Misfires. The intro screams Circa Waves to me, pulling influence from their newer material. This track feels grittier and more urgent than some of Misfires’ older tracks, proving that their sound is maturing by the second. It’s more confrontational and is crafted to put Misfires on the map. The layers from sweet guitar riffs and backing vocals create a full, huge sound that becomes a driving force behind the track. The drums mixed with the riff from the bass create a powerful undercurrent to the track, keeping up the energy throughout. I’ve always been a fan on Matt’s vocals – which match up to the energy and power in this track yet still sound raw and gritty. ‘Tonight’ also showcases some impressive, honest song writing too, it’s lyrically catchy and relatable to their growing audience.

Misfires have advanced a great deal in the short time that they have been together, and this track is their best to date. It will no doubt cause absolute carnage live with sweaty teenagers flying through mosh pits and sparking plenty of stage invasions too I’m sure. Misfires need bigger venues to fill with their tunes. Make sure you check out ‘Tonight’ and catch these boys on tour.



I bring to you a fairly new track from ­the Birmingham hailing, and now North London dwelling, – SASS. The track is called ‘Cupid’ and it’s brimming with chilled vibes that disguise a beautiful track.

‘Cupid’ begins stripped back, showcasing a sweet vocal before building up layers of deep bass hums and electronic drum snaps. The tempo remains fairly slow but with the promise of kicking up a gear later in the track, which build anticipation as the sound grows. Beautiful ‘tropical’ guitar dances over the track while the vocals draw you in. The deep electronic hum that sits throughout this track keeps the vibes relaxed yet also brings a subtle groove. It has clearly been beautifully created and you can feel it in every second. Suddenly the track shifts into a more upbeat feeling with a burst on energy! On a first listen this was where ‘Cupid’ really excited me – although it felt a little late coming and I wanted it to be longer before the track drops out, stripping back to the raw sound that we were presented with at the start.

Lyrically ‘Cupid’ in honest and reflective with vocalist Ryan describing – “I wrote the lyrics when I was stuck in a bit of a limbo, which is pretty common when you’re dating in London. I feel like if you ask anyone who is dating here, they feel like they are coming across as too keen or as if they have got bigger fish to fry. I think we are all guilty to playing both of those roles so it’s a reflection on that”

Overall ‘Cupid’ takes you on a journey, pushing and pulling you before dropping you back to the start. It really is a stunning track that brings influences from artists like The XX while adding a chilled R&B feel too. I really like this track, you should too.



So Yves are one of our favourite exports from the Swindon indie-rock scene. They are also proof that there ACTUALLY IS an indie-rock scene in Swindon. And they have just put out brand new single ‘Only One’ with an accompanying music video. It’s fair to say that Yves hit our playlists at Spilt Milk HQ all the time, so we had big expectations for this new tune. Here’s what we thought…

‘Only One’ begins tentatively with a simple and rhythmic bass riff before plunging feet first into the body of the track as the drums and guitar clatter in. It then pulls back as the vocals take over, still following the high-energy pace of the track set from the go. The track explodes into a catchy and melodic chorus that is sure to spark a crowd moving and singing these words to the ceiling. Yves have created an exciting and unique sound in their earlier tracks, and ‘Only One’ follows this strongly but shows more of maturity. You can tell that they know what they want and are stopping at nothing to get it! ‘Only One’ takes you on a ride, dipping in and out as it progresses. It simply is a fantastic track.

Overall, ‘Only One’ is fast and in your face, it grabs you from the start and leaves you shaken and wanting more in the end. You’d better but this one on repeat.

click below to check out the video for Only One…