So Yves are one of our favourite exports from the Swindon indie-rock scene. They are also proof that there ACTUALLY IS an indie-rock scene in Swindon. And they have just put out brand new single ‘Only One’ with an accompanying music video. It’s fair to say that Yves hit our playlists at Spilt Milk HQ all the time, so we had big expectations for this new tune. Here’s what we thought…

‘Only One’ begins tentatively with a simple and rhythmic bass riff before plunging feet first into the body of the track as the drums and guitar clatter in. It then pulls back as the vocals take over, still following the high-energy pace of the track set from the go. The track explodes into a catchy and melodic chorus that is sure to spark a crowd moving and singing these words to the ceiling. Yves have created an exciting and unique sound in their earlier tracks, and ‘Only One’ follows this strongly but shows more of maturity. You can tell that they know what they want and are stopping at nothing to get it! ‘Only One’ takes you on a ride, dipping in and out as it progresses. It simply is a fantastic track.

Overall, ‘Only One’ is fast and in your face, it grabs you from the start and leaves you shaken and wanting more in the end. You’d better but this one on repeat.

click below to check out the video for Only One…




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