I bring to you a fairly new track from ­the Birmingham hailing, and now North London dwelling, – SASS. The track is called ‘Cupid’ and it’s brimming with chilled vibes that disguise a beautiful track.

‘Cupid’ begins stripped back, showcasing a sweet vocal before building up layers of deep bass hums and electronic drum snaps. The tempo remains fairly slow but with the promise of kicking up a gear later in the track, which build anticipation as the sound grows. Beautiful ‘tropical’ guitar dances over the track while the vocals draw you in. The deep electronic hum that sits throughout this track keeps the vibes relaxed yet also brings a subtle groove. It has clearly been beautifully created and you can feel it in every second. Suddenly the track shifts into a more upbeat feeling with a burst on energy! On a first listen this was where ‘Cupid’ really excited me – although it felt a little late coming and I wanted it to be longer before the track drops out, stripping back to the raw sound that we were presented with at the start.

Lyrically ‘Cupid’ in honest and reflective with vocalist Ryan describing – “I wrote the lyrics when I was stuck in a bit of a limbo, which is pretty common when you’re dating in London. I feel like if you ask anyone who is dating here, they feel like they are coming across as too keen or as if they have got bigger fish to fry. I think we are all guilty to playing both of those roles so it’s a reflection on that”

Overall ‘Cupid’ takes you on a journey, pushing and pulling you before dropping you back to the start. It really is a stunning track that brings influences from artists like The XX while adding a chilled R&B feel too. I really like this track, you should too.


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