Misfires have got all eyes on them currently with announcement after announcement of all good things. If they aren’t supporting up and coming artists, like The Hunna, joining artists like Pretty Vicious on festival line ups, or touring relentlessly, they are dropping new tracks to share with their growing fan base. Like brand new track – ‘Tonight’. This is what we thought of it…

From the go of the first listen I could tell that this is going to be a huge tune for Misfires. The intro screams Circa Waves to me, pulling influence from their newer material. This track feels grittier and more urgent than some of Misfires’ older tracks, proving that their sound is maturing by the second. It’s more confrontational and is crafted to put Misfires on the map. The layers from sweet guitar riffs and backing vocals create a full, huge sound that becomes a driving force behind the track. The drums mixed with the riff from the bass create a powerful undercurrent to the track, keeping up the energy throughout. I’ve always been a fan on Matt’s vocals – which match up to the energy and power in this track yet still sound raw and gritty. ‘Tonight’ also showcases some impressive, honest song writing too, it’s lyrically catchy and relatable to their growing audience.

Misfires have advanced a great deal in the short time that they have been together, and this track is their best to date. It will no doubt cause absolute carnage live with sweaty teenagers flying through mosh pits and sparking plenty of stage invasions too I’m sure. Misfires need bigger venues to fill with their tunes. Make sure you check out ‘Tonight’ and catch these boys on tour.


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