We have recently been treated to the release of not just ONE, but TWO brand new tracks from Kevin And The Vandals! We recently caught the end of their set at The Vic, supporting local favourites, Misfires. And since then we couldn’t wait to hear more from these lads, so it’s safe to say that these tracks have made a welcome addition to our playlists.

‘Maybe’ is the first track, and it embodies underground indie rock at its best. It brings us gritty and raw guitar riffs paired with boyish vocals to build melodies that become incredibly catchy. Layering this with an urgent beat and the hum from bass guitar to give the track a deeper sound. This track is nicely put together, building the energy and dropping it to keep you engaged, then reaching to a full sound that satisfies your ears. It feels simple and not over complicated, allowing the raw passion from KATV to leak through. It’s a good track, but not quite a staple for these boys, I feel like there are bigger things to come.

These bigger things take form in ‘Scapegoat’ – which has proved to be my favourite of these new tracks. This track has a fuller bodied sound with captivating riffs and tumbling drum beats. It’s not as simplified as ‘Maybe’ which makes it feel as if it’s been pushed that little bit further. ‘Scapegoat’ is more urgent which makes it stand out. It presents the same boyish vocals, which have a hint more passion behind them. It feels tighter and well crafted; yet still hold onto a gritty and raw sound that is there in ‘Maybe’.

Together these tracks show us what Kevin And The Vandals are all about, they’re strong and exciting and we can’t wait to hear them live! Be sure to check these guys out because they’re onto something good.


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