Single Review : You Wanna Know : Yves


It’s fair to say that Yves have got their sound nailed.

This has been proven in their monthly releases of new singles, as each one is stronger than the last – with this month’s release staying true to this trend. I was certainly pleased to have had the new track drop into my inbox ahead of its release. ‘You Wanna Know’ will be released for your listening pleasure on the 30th June! For me, this is the best track yet.

The pace is set from the start, being urgent and upbeat. The track is really well crafted, with driving beat and raw, ferocious guitars. It pushes itself forwards before pulling back to allow the vocals to lead you through the verses. Then it bursts into a chorus that is incredibly catchy and will certainly be stuck in your head. This, as well as the rapidity of this track, will surely spark a surge of energy in any crowd. The insistence pulls back again through the verses, leaving you feeling exhausted from the energy that’s wrapped up in this track. The full sound that these 3 create; paired with distinctive, boyish vocals make Yves pretty unique to me. Their sound infuses underground indie rock with a grungy coarseness that is brimming with attitude and vigour. I don’t think I could criticise ‘You Wanna Know’ even if I tried. It feels pretty simple, in the way that Yves don’t dress their tracks up – it’s raw and it exciting with a little bit of grit that gives them an edge.

Looking at the recent releases alongside this one, it’s clear to see that Yves are building themselves quite a set list, and are quickly proving to be probably the best artist to be emerging from Swindon right now. I genuinely believe that they know their sound and this will be the push for these lads to break onto the wider scene.


I love this track, I’ve had it on repeat for about an hour while I’ve been writing this review. Check it out on the 30th June!!!




Having interviewed Inheaven just a few weeks ago at Wychwood festival, we were super hyped for this intimate date in one of Swindon’s thriving venues. That’s right – Inheaven chose Level 3 as the hot spot (actually it’s air conditioned) for their anticipated Glastonbury warm up show, and with Swindon being the hometown for bassist, Chloe, Level 3 made for a perfect homecoming. Support came from local lads, Yves and Misfires, who are both making waves in and around the Swindon scene right now.

Misfires’ opened the night, bringing their bouncy indie tracks along with their dedicated and equally as bouncy fan base. It was great to see a crowd spill into Level 3 to support local music. Misfires’ are gigging relentlessly at the moment and really honing in their live performance, which was clear in their set last night. With tracks ranging from, what is now their older material, such as ‘22’ and ‘Indie Kids’ to their most recent release ‘Do You Wanna?’ as well as some yet to be released tracks too – all of which had the most loyal fans singing their hearts out. Despite a hint of illness from frontman Matt Owens, Misfires performed their set like it’s second nature to them now and certainly delivered.


Next up was Yves, who just happen to be our cover feature band from our last issue! That crowd stayed strong, filling the venue once again after a fag and pint break and the vitality surged for Yves’ set. The boys were on form too, with and electric energy that spilled from the stage, creating a fuelled vibe that sparked a few attempts at a mosh pit. Again their set was mixed, giving us the best of old and new tracks, featuring diamonds from their debut EP, such as ‘Get Someone’ and ‘When The Day Comes’ as well as the more recently released ‘Only One’ and ‘Under Your Thumb’. The newer tracks embodied Yves progression in their sound – they were fast, in your face and performed with an exciting confidence. Each track is refined yet carries a raw grit that gives these boys edge. They definitely impressed last night and have us major excited for their date at the Vic next month!


There was a buzz in the venue before Inheaven’s anticipated set. We know these guys are great live, and smash pretty much every set that we have seen them perform lately, so there was no doubt that this wouldn’t be a fantastic night. The crowd was a mix of friends and fans in high spirits that were bouncing and moshing from the off. Inheaven’s set was perfect, with tune after tune that got the crowd moving and singing back at them. It was the perfect venue, with the perfect band; there was such a good vibe in the air for this intimate gig. They played a series of massive tunes that are sure to wow the glasto crowds including, ‘Baby’s Alright’ which is punchy from the start and will certainly be in my head for days now. It brought powerful vocals with a roar from the guitar riff. Later in the set came the more recently released ‘Treats’ – which saw Chloe lead the vocals with a bite of attitude behind the hooks. This is a powerful sing that surged probably the most intense mosh pit of the evening with teenage bodies flying everywhere. A major highlight for us is always this track, ‘Regeneration’. You can’t help but bounce and sing your heart out to this track – it’s a pretty feel-good tune that leaves you elated and is always a fantastic end to an Inheaven set.


Swindon did us proud tonight, with some of Spilt Milk’s favourite artists smashing a local venue, and Inheaven bringing a bit of that festival feeling to the town centre. We know that they’ll smash Glasto, so make sure you catch Inheaven this summer!!!


This week I’ve had upcoming single ‘Told Ya’ – from the latest indie export from the Swindon scene, ‘The Sulks’ – fall into my inbox. The single is pretty, and it’s out this week, ready to fill your headphones.

The track itself is sweet and melodic, starting out pretty raw and then building to a fuller sound – yet it carries smooth vocals throughout. It expresses a pretty chilled out vibe that isn’t abrasive in the slightest. Lyrically it’s pretty catchy too, and its ambient chorus will probably get stuck in your head.

You can certainly hear their influences leaking through the guitar strings with an early rock 60’s feel – touching on artists like ‘The Beatles’. It also for me has the faintest hints of some of Noel Gallagher’s solo stuff too. The Sulks’ Facebook page suggests influence from ‘Alt-J’ – which you do get a slight vibe from in this track when it breaks back to an almost isolated vocal.

I’m intrigued by these guys and I’m interested to see what they do as they’re about to embark on the task of breaking onto the Swindon scene. ‘Told Ya’ is a good track – it’s melodic and atmospheric but I don’t feel that it grabs me as much as I want it to. It’s not quite a staple track for these boys but it certainly shows some promise. Make sure to keep an ear out for these guys because I feel like something great is in the pipeline!!