This week I’ve had upcoming single ‘Told Ya’ – from the latest indie export from the Swindon scene, ‘The Sulks’ – fall into my inbox. The single is pretty, and it’s out this week, ready to fill your headphones.

The track itself is sweet and melodic, starting out pretty raw and then building to a fuller sound – yet it carries smooth vocals throughout. It expresses a pretty chilled out vibe that isn’t abrasive in the slightest. Lyrically it’s pretty catchy too, and its ambient chorus will probably get stuck in your head.

You can certainly hear their influences leaking through the guitar strings with an early rock 60’s feel – touching on artists like ‘The Beatles’. It also for me has the faintest hints of some of Noel Gallagher’s solo stuff too. The Sulks’ Facebook page suggests influence from ‘Alt-J’ – which you do get a slight vibe from in this track when it breaks back to an almost isolated vocal.

I’m intrigued by these guys and I’m interested to see what they do as they’re about to embark on the task of breaking onto the Swindon scene. ‘Told Ya’ is a good track – it’s melodic and atmospheric but I don’t feel that it grabs me as much as I want it to. It’s not quite a staple track for these boys but it certainly shows some promise. Make sure to keep an ear out for these guys because I feel like something great is in the pipeline!!



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