Single Review : You Wanna Know : Yves


It’s fair to say that Yves have got their sound nailed.

This has been proven in their monthly releases of new singles, as each one is stronger than the last – with this month’s release staying true to this trend. I was certainly pleased to have had the new track drop into my inbox ahead of its release. ‘You Wanna Know’ will be released for your listening pleasure on the 30th June! For me, this is the best track yet.

The pace is set from the start, being urgent and upbeat. The track is really well crafted, with driving beat and raw, ferocious guitars. It pushes itself forwards before pulling back to allow the vocals to lead you through the verses. Then it bursts into a chorus that is incredibly catchy and will certainly be stuck in your head. This, as well as the rapidity of this track, will surely spark a surge of energy in any crowd. The insistence pulls back again through the verses, leaving you feeling exhausted from the energy that’s wrapped up in this track. The full sound that these 3 create; paired with distinctive, boyish vocals make Yves pretty unique to me. Their sound infuses underground indie rock with a grungy coarseness that is brimming with attitude and vigour. I don’t think I could criticise ‘You Wanna Know’ even if I tried. It feels pretty simple, in the way that Yves don’t dress their tracks up – it’s raw and it exciting with a little bit of grit that gives them an edge.

Looking at the recent releases alongside this one, it’s clear to see that Yves are building themselves quite a set list, and are quickly proving to be probably the best artist to be emerging from Swindon right now. I genuinely believe that they know their sound and this will be the push for these lads to break onto the wider scene.


I love this track, I’ve had it on repeat for about an hour while I’ve been writing this review. Check it out on the 30th June!!!



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