Live Review : The Decoy : The Black Heart, LDN : 23/07/17

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I have quite an early start to the evening this time around. As I enter the venue, the first band is about to start any minute.

“Shaded” is a Pop Punk band from Surrey. They are pretty excited to be here and the adrenaline coming from them is pretty visible in the air. Personally I am a fan of this kind of music so I enjoy it even more. Despite all the confidence that comes from them, this is their first live show. They surely know how to own a stage.

The second act of the evening is “Oceans” an Alternative band from Brighton. The first thing that I notice is that every person in the room knows them pretty well, since they start dancing. Their performance is a mix of powerful and energetic with a distinct sound. While I listen to the music and the lyrics, I can understand that is something that comes from the bottom of their heart and therefore full of emotions. Still their sound it’s something unique and never heard before. Definitely worth giving these guys a listen!

Everyone is still buzzing from the previous band and now is the time for “Cast Ashore,” a Punk Rock band from Rotherham. It’s another nice and well done change of music of the evening. They are funny and energetic on stage and the audience enjoys them quite a lot. This is the first time that they have played in London. The crowd gave them a very warm welcome to the city.

The time is going absolutely fast and it’s now up for “The Decoy” to own the night. They are a three-piece Rock/ Alternative band from Pontypool. Even if they are the main band, it’s quite a disappointment that the crowd is reduce by roughly 10/20 people. I honestly think that they are great band with an innovate sound. A lot of energy comes from lead singer Lewis while he performs plus his jokes that he does with his band mates are quite funny.

While everyone is getting ready to leave, I make my way home.

I just wished more people come down to appreciate some good music, without leaving early.


Words + Photos by Selena Ferro


Live Review : Sarah Longfield : 18-07-17

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I’m ready to have another awesome night,

It is a bit weird on this occasion, because there is a big gap between the opening time and the actual starting time. Everything starts a bit slowly and quite late, but I figure out that is because there are just three artists to perform so they need to fill up a big time space lap.

The first one to get on stage is “Opium Sky”, a Metal band from London. Their music in a mix of djent, thrash and punk that gives a big space to instrumental too. One of the members is actually missing so there are just the singer/guitarist and drummer. Despite their young age, they are quite talented and I can spot between the crowds, probably couple of parents to film the entire performance. The audience is pretty still, but seems enjoying them after all.

After a little break, is the time of “Riviere” a Post-Rock/ Progressive Metal French band from Toulouse. They are one of the main musicians of the evening and I can straight away see that the audience knows and appreciate them very much. More people are in the room and we get quite close to the stage. These guys are awesome and to add on top of that their instrumental game is pretty strong. Main action comes from the two guitarists.

Last pause for the night and “Sara Longfield” is up. She plays with a mate from her band “The Fine Constant”, Steve Meyer. They are from Madison (Wisconsin) USA and this is the first time that they are in the UK. Their music mixes all together Progressive, Experimental and Instrumental styles that gives a very catchy atmosphere to the set. Sarah is a master and very talented at what she does. Everyone seems to know her very well and they are quite excited for the all performance. At the end a bunch of people queue at the merch desk to get some t-shirts and take few photos with Sarah.

The concert finishes quite early but was of much interest for me.


Words + Photos : Selena Ferro



Bruno Major Unveils The Penultimate In His Series Of Monthly Releases, Cold Blood


‘A Song For Every Moon’ Collection Set For Release on 25th August.

Bruno Major is excited to unveil the penultimate in his series of monthly releases, Cold Blood, taken from the forthcoming collection of his releases over the last year ‘A Song For Every Moon’, which will be available on 25th August.

After setting himself the task of recording and releasing a song every 30 days in August last year, Bruno Major has reached the penultimate track in his year-long pledge. Cold Blood is the penultimate release before the year’s work is compiled in to the collection ‘A Song For Every Moon’ released on 25th August.

Running slightly later on the 30-day schedule due to Bruno losing his voice, Cold Blood is a more up tempo cut of the North London artist’s crooned R&B. Another release atop of body of songs that have accrued over 20 million streams. Bruno on Cols Blood: “The penultimate song, only one moon to go. I wrote ‘Cold Blood’ after having been unceremoniously dropped by my record label a while ago. It was recorded last month as with nearly all of this project in a garden shed in London with my genius friend Phairo … I think he has excelled himself on this one. Lots of love. B”

 Making music for Bruno is a cathartic experience, a release for someone who is sat on such a wealth of new material.

Bruno played to a heaving tent at this year’s Latitude Festival. Appearing alongside the likes of Mumford & Sons, Jack Garratt, Lemon Twigs, Declan McKenna, and Maggie Rogers.

Listen to the latest single Cold Blood Here:

Check it out now!!

SHANGHAI BLUES Announce New Single ‘Those Three Words’ Released 26th July 2017



The East London quartet Shanghai Blues are extremely pleased to announce the release of their brand new single ‘Those Three Words’ on the 26th July 2017, following on from their first headline UK mini tour with a sold out show in London.  ‘Those Three Words’ was produced, mixed and mastered by Oz Craggs (Feed The Rhino, Neck Deep, Mallory Knox) and gives us a glimpse of what Shanghai Blues has to offer, as it carves a path through raw emotion and untouched mindsets.

The track blends genres, with tainted, dreamy guitars that lean on a shoegaze vibe – before later pulling in a thrumming bass line more urgent drums for a more alt-rock atmosphere. It’s a strong and exciting track!


Check it out now!!


2017 UK Live Dates:


28th July – Banbury – Also Known As

9th August – London – The Old Blue Last

Live review : Stonewire : The Black Heart : 14/07/17

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I’m once again at The Black Heart. It’s Friday night and the party feeling is in the air.

My night starts with “Witchingseason” an Alternative Rock trio from London. Their performance is energetic and intimidating, with an amazing and aggressive rhythm that comes from the members. It’s an excellent choice to warm up the audience.

For the second part of the night, more people start to build the crowd. It’s the turn of “Cairo Son”, a three-piece band always from London. Their music includes a hard, riff-heavy and lyrically brutally honest; they create a new fresh and instant sound that gets straight to the point. I spot few people proudly wearing t-shirts with their name on it while enjoying the show.

Now, the moment that everyone is waiting for and “StoneWire” make an entry of impact. They are a Heavy Blues Rock band with a dirty Southern twist. The room is now full of people, we are all pack against the stage and we become an important part of their performance; everyone in the front row is absolutely going mental while dancing. Lead singer Sky Hunter has an amazing, soaring rock and blues voice. She is able to deliver an electrifying live performance by making a true and strong connection with the audience. Their set is awesome and they play old and new songs for about 45 minutes, with also a cover of “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley and an extra song since the audience was asking for more.

I was one of the youngest in the crowd but I totally enjoyed a bit of old Alternative Rock and Blues music. If you are a lover of this music, I suggest going and checking out these bands at their next shows because you surely going to have a great time like me.


-Words + Photos by Selena Ferro

Live Review : Big Spring : 19-07-17

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It’s a warm and quiet summer evening that became perfect to head over to a club for some good live music.

“Calva Louise” is the first band to light up the night. Their Indie Rock music fuses surfy riffs to fuzzy grunge pop. Lead singer and guitarist Jess has an amazing voice that goes along perfectly with the style of the band. They are entertaining and energetic and they clearly know how to own the stage. Their songs are pleasant to hear and I find myself moving my feet at the rhythm of the music while enjoying the performance. The best choice to open the night in a cool way and a must see band, from my point of view.

Tiny break for the instruments change and then back on stage with “Fangclub” a Garage/ Rock band from Dublin. They are enthusiastic and their music has very catchy melodies that make you want to sing along with them. They are quite famous since everyone in the audience is very excited to hear them play. To end the set with some extra style, lead singer Steven decides to jump off stage and performs in the middle of the crowd, where everyone is enjoying the show so much to barely notice him.

The closure of the night is near which makes it time for the main band “Big Spring”, an Alternative Rock band from Brighton. They are currently out in the UK with a headliner tour that is going to keep them busy till the beginning of August. The room is full of people by now, and everyone screams from the excitement of having them on stage. The songs have a good rhythm and lead singer Ollie clearly has some good moves to show on stage. If you are a lover of good music, then go and check these guys out.

It’s the second time in a row that my night ends pretty early but at least it allows people to have a little chat with the artists before heading home.


-Words + Photos : Selena Ferro






This week I’ve had an absolute gem drop into our inbox here at Spilt Milk HQ along with some exciting news. Kent hailing, Emo/Alt-rockers ‘The Young Hearts’ are set to release their new EP ‘Honestly, I’m Just Thinking’ on September 29th through Primordial Records!

The EP will be an emotionally heavy one, as these lads take solace in their art as a release from the pressures and stresses of modern life, having all experienced close, personal losses. They don’t let it stop them though as they power forward to new and exciting things. Speaking on signing and working with The Young Hearts, Alex Boezeman, head of primordial records, is, ‘very excited to be working with The Young Hearts. It’s such a talented band and when we heard their new material for the first time we were determined to get them on board. The new EP showcases their incredible songwriting qualities. It’s filled with powerful yet emotional tracks that will stick with you after hearing it.”

If lead track ‘Smoke’ is anything to go by, then we have high expectations for ‘Honestly, I’m just thinking.’

Smoke is fast paced and points at influence from the likes of artists such as Moose Blood, with infectious melodies and emotion-drenched vocals that draw you in. This new-era of emo is reinventing itself currently and The Young Hearts could easily be at the forefront of it.


Be sure to check these boys out and give ‘Smoke’ a listen!



Catch The Young Hearts on tour throughout the UK until the end of the year:

02 Aug – Cardiff, Clwb Ifor Bach

03 Aug -Birmingham, Subside

04 Aug – Glasgow, The Hug And Pint

05 Aug – Leeds, Temple Of Boom

06 Aug – London, Black Heart

30 Sep – Manchester, Deadbolt Festival

04 Oct – Southampton, The Brook

05 Oct – Brighton, Sticky Mike’ Frog Bar

06 Oct – Coventry, Kasbah

07 Oct – Bridgwater, Cobblestones

08 Oct – London, Old Blue Last

28 Oct – Bournemouth, Blue Line Studios

09 Nov – Canterbury, The Ballroom

10 Nov – Luton, Harvey’s

11 Nov – Torquay, The Attic

12 Nov – Bristol, Crofters Rights

18 Nov – Ashford, The Attic