Live Review : Maven : Surya, London : 23-06-17

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On a chilly summer evening, I find myself outside Surya near King’s Cross and as soon as I enter the intimate venue I feel very pleasant because of the warm and friendly atmosphere.

I direct myself downstairs where the first band, Fortune Favours, are doing their sound check and the energy that they have is already visible. After about an hour, the concert starts. It is clear that the crowd know Fortune Favours very well as they were singing along from the very start. The hard rock band from Maidstone (Kent) are doing a great job at warming up the room for the evening. The sheer amount of energy they have is clear from the amount of fun they were having and the love for what they were doing. Their music is a mix of classical rock, blues and metal that fills you with good vibes and the desire to dance. Once they start to play their penultimate song, the crowd start to dance and jump, having the time of their lives.

After a little break, Zero Wasters are owning the stage. This trio from Birmingham have something that I’ve never seen before; their drummer is the lead singer of the band. Their music is a mix of blues, indie and punk with an electronic sound that works perfectly together. They are passionate and very confident around the stage. They draw the crowd in as they move towards the stage to have a closer and more intense experience.

After the last break of the evening, London based band Maven are up. It’s clearly visible that everyone in the crowd are here because of them. After a one year gap since their last London show, they are back stronger than ever with new songs, a fresh sound and as a four-piece band. The lights go down, creating the perfect atmosphere for the intro and boom they are on stage; everyone starts jumping up and down while singing with visible smiles of happiness on their faces.

Singer, Dan Nash, decides to perform off the stage making the interaction with everyone even more intense. Their last single “The Fall” is a very catchy song that sticks in your mind and a brilliant way to end their set. As part of an unplanned encore, Maven close their performance and the evening with a cover of Nick Jonas’ “Jealous“. Maven have made the song their own by giving the song a little bit of a pop dance atmosphere. The perfect way to end the show with a bang.

Personally, I had a pleasant and totally enjoyable evening and I’ll definitely recommend everyone that loves this type of music to go and watch these talented bands on stage.


Words and photos by Selena Ferro



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