Live Review : Jack The Envious @ The Black Heart, Camden : 05-07-17

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On Wednesday night I’m on my way to The Black Heart in Camden. The venue is nice and cosy, with a main bar on the ground floor and a small room for live music on the first floor.

I get ready to shoot and after few minutes the first band of the night makes the entrance on stage. “Take The Backseat, Casey”, is a post hard-core band with influences from all genres and movies based in London. The band members are able to give the right amount of energy to start the night with a kick. The crowd is small at the moment, but lead singer Rob surely knows how to get them involved and make them feel at home.

Next is the turn of “MTXS” a South East hard-core band that made an appearance on stage with bandanas covering half of their faces, adding a bit of a gangster look. Plus on top of that there is a small spotlight on stage that allows the band to stand out in the darkness of the venue. At this time the crowd is fully warm and ready to get crazy while enjoying the performance.

Time for a little break and “Seconds Alive” from Exeter is up. The first thing to catch my attention is the drummer because she is a woman, but I realize straight away that Rach is amazing at what she does. The set goes on in a perfect way so that singer Rob decides to involve the crowd more by calling them near the stage. His head bang is awesome!

The night goes smoothly and finally is the turn of the main band of the night, “Jack The Envious”. They are a post hard-core/alternative band from Israel that moved to England in January and has since started working on their 2nd upcoming EP “In Your Own Way”. I turn around and suddenly the venue is full, everyone is excited to see them play. Lights down, Nir starts to sing and some people throw themselves into a wild mosh pit. The atmosphere is pure craziness and fun and it’s clearly visible that the fans love these guys.

At 10.30pm the show ends but not before taking a group photos with everyone in the room to celebrate their last UK tour of the summer.

With the music still browsing in my head and a content feeling, I’m ready to call it a night. Definitely a kick-ass gig!


-Selena Ferro


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