Live Review : FRCTRD : 13/07/17

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The night starts with “Tide Binder” an instrumental progressive metal band from Surrey. What catches my eye right away they is that they are a trio made just of two guitarists and a drummer. I will say it’s quite a good choice to use them to open up the night. The main action comes from drummer Dan that leads the band in an amazing performance.

A little 20-minute break and it is turn of “Dust of Nations” a progressive tech metal band from Brighton. Second instrumental trio of the night, but this time there are two guitarists and keyboard player, which spiced up the sound a little. The crowd is very small, mainly friends and guys from the other bands, but everyone seems enjoy their performance while sipping a glass of beer.

Small interval and “Sentience” owns the stage. They are also a progressive metal band but they are from South East of England. They have the right amount of energy that gives a good kick at the night. These guys are brilliant, so make sure to check them out if you are a fan of this kind of music. Lead singer Stuart has a lot to give while he performs.

To close the evening “FRCTRD”, a modern deathcore band from Paris, gives everyone a taste on how French people do it. They rage a heavy polished and efficient sound and they receives wide support and interest from the fans of heavy music over their home country and Europe. Singer Vincent decides to perform off stage so he could give a better intensity of what he does, followed by other members of the band to join him. The best part is definitely the intro, where drummer Manu comes out in a pitch black stage wearing a glow in the dark mask.


-Words and photos by Selena Ferro


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