Live Review : Witterquick w/ Elessar + Reckless Intentions : Surya, LDN : 12/07/17

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Another Wednesday, another gig. This time I’m quite excited to make my way down to Surya again to see Elessar UK. Since I arrive quite early I have the time to stick around for a while and have a lovely chat with the guys.

It’s time for a bit of action. The first band of the evening is “Best of Enemies” a British rock band from Croydon. Their music is a mix of emotional ballads and good old rock and roll all surrounded by low lights that give a sort of intimate atmosphere at the performance. Everyone is enjoying them and singer Sam makes sure that everyone is having a good time.

Moment for a little break and “DRMRS”, a rock band based in London, is making their way on stage. It’s obvious by looking at the crowd, that they already have a group of fans ready to get crazy as soon as their set starts. So everyone around me starts to sing and to dance.

It’s now time for one of the main support band of the evening “Reckless Intentions”, a pop punk band from Brighton, with an original and fresh pop punk sound that mixes upbeat songs and catchy melodies. It’s a nice change of music genre that everyone seems to like.

Last supports band of the evening and the one that I’m personally more excited to see, “Elessar UK” an emo/pop punk band from Gloucester. As soon as they hit the stage there is an explosion of energy, movement and aggression. Frontman Ricky is jumping and screaming and one thing that I can notice is that the emotions behind every song are visible on his face while he sings. A lot of people in the crowd know them, so it’s always nice seeing everyone singing along. Their set includes also a new single that is going to be part of their second upcoming EP. I felt part of their performance for all the duration of it.

Finally is time for the main band of the evening, “Witterquick” from Exeter. Their sound combines the intensity of punk rock and the feel of the 70’s and 80’s stadium greats, with the melody of a pop band. Their debut EP “Beneath the Spinning Light” was released on 17th June and despite that, the crowd knows all the lyrics and they waited impatiently for them to come on stage. To get the fans more involved they upgrade some tickets to VIP, giving an acoustic performance before their main set.


A lot of bands in one night, but I definitely had the time of my life.


-Words + photos by Selena Ferro


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