Live Review : Big Spring : 19-07-17

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It’s a warm and quiet summer evening that became perfect to head over to a club for some good live music.

“Calva Louise” is the first band to light up the night. Their Indie Rock music fuses surfy riffs to fuzzy grunge pop. Lead singer and guitarist Jess has an amazing voice that goes along perfectly with the style of the band. They are entertaining and energetic and they clearly know how to own the stage. Their songs are pleasant to hear and I find myself moving my feet at the rhythm of the music while enjoying the performance. The best choice to open the night in a cool way and a must see band, from my point of view.

Tiny break for the instruments change and then back on stage with “Fangclub” a Garage/ Rock band from Dublin. They are enthusiastic and their music has very catchy melodies that make you want to sing along with them. They are quite famous since everyone in the audience is very excited to hear them play. To end the set with some extra style, lead singer Steven decides to jump off stage and performs in the middle of the crowd, where everyone is enjoying the show so much to barely notice him.

The closure of the night is near which makes it time for the main band “Big Spring”, an Alternative Rock band from Brighton. They are currently out in the UK with a headliner tour that is going to keep them busy till the beginning of August. The room is full of people by now, and everyone screams from the excitement of having them on stage. The songs have a good rhythm and lead singer Ollie clearly has some good moves to show on stage. If you are a lover of good music, then go and check these guys out.

It’s the second time in a row that my night ends pretty early but at least it allows people to have a little chat with the artists before heading home.


-Words + Photos : Selena Ferro




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