Live review : Stonewire : The Black Heart : 14/07/17

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I’m once again at The Black Heart. It’s Friday night and the party feeling is in the air.

My night starts with “Witchingseason” an Alternative Rock trio from London. Their performance is energetic and intimidating, with an amazing and aggressive rhythm that comes from the members. It’s an excellent choice to warm up the audience.

For the second part of the night, more people start to build the crowd. It’s the turn of “Cairo Son”, a three-piece band always from London. Their music includes a hard, riff-heavy and lyrically brutally honest; they create a new fresh and instant sound that gets straight to the point. I spot few people proudly wearing t-shirts with their name on it while enjoying the show.

Now, the moment that everyone is waiting for and “StoneWire” make an entry of impact. They are a Heavy Blues Rock band with a dirty Southern twist. The room is now full of people, we are all pack against the stage and we become an important part of their performance; everyone in the front row is absolutely going mental while dancing. Lead singer Sky Hunter has an amazing, soaring rock and blues voice. She is able to deliver an electrifying live performance by making a true and strong connection with the audience. Their set is awesome and they play old and new songs for about 45 minutes, with also a cover of “Crazy” by Gnarls Barkley and an extra song since the audience was asking for more.

I was one of the youngest in the crowd but I totally enjoyed a bit of old Alternative Rock and Blues music. If you are a lover of this music, I suggest going and checking out these bands at their next shows because you surely going to have a great time like me.


-Words + Photos by Selena Ferro


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